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Elevate Your Style with DCLA Bespoke Suits

Welcome to DCLA, where luxury meets craftsmanship. Discover the art of bespoke tailoring designed exclusively for discerning professionals.

Why Choose DCLA

Our mission is to inspire thoughts and feelings of aspiration, achievement, and sustained confidence by providing you with clothing of exceptional fit, quality and design.

Perfect Fit

At DCLA, we take 36 precise measurements, ensuring a tailored fit that's uniquely yours. Our master tailors craft each garment individually with over 32 pressing operations to maintain lapel integrity. From functional buttonholes to refined stitching, we're dedicated to unparalleled quality and personalization.

Your satisfaction is our top priority, backed by over 20 years of expertise. Choose DCLA for sartorial excellence that reflects your unique style.


At DCLA, we offer a versatile range of styles, from classic to contemporary. Whether it's traditional elegance or cutting-edge fashion, we've got you covered.

Our "contemporary classics" are made from fine fabrics with timeless appeal. For the fashion-forward, we create highly innovative and custom garments that match your unique style preferences. Your style, your way, with DCLA.


At DCLA, craftsmanship is our hallmark. From traditional to avant-garde, we offer a spectrum of options: 1 to 3 buttons, single or double-breasted, various vents, and lining styles. Lapel widths range from 2 to 4 inches, with hand-done buttonholes.

We personalize every detail, even matching thread colors. Your style, impeccably crafted at DCLA.


The Jacket

Immerse yourself in the finesse of hand-stitched edges tracing the lapel, and admire the intricate "pic-stitching" on the lining, executed with precision in contrasting threads—all accomplished by skilled artisans, showcasing the artistry of handmade elegance.

Delve into the interior and discover the thoughtful design elements, such as the reversible outside breast pocket, offering the versatility to emulate a pocket square for those moments when you desire an edge of panache.

Our signature linings, ranging from the spectacular to the sublime, enhance the inner aesthetic, creating a visual allure as your jacket opens slightly while you move.

Revel in the functionality of multiple interior pockets, including a charming pen pocket, passport depth pockets with secure tabs, and lower business card pockets on both sides.

The right inside breast pocket, designed to stand an airline ticket upright, adds a touch of convenience for your travels. For a whimsical touch, flip the collar to unveil a delightful surprise.

For the daring connoisseur, we offer customization beyond imagination—matching the last buttonhole on the sleeve with the lapel buttonhole's color and pic-stitching on the inside.

Our jackets are not just garments; they are investments, accommodating up to 30lbs of expansion, ensuring you look impeccable regardless of changes in size.

Experience added comfort with our discreetly placed "sweat pad" in the armhole, safeguarding your jacket from perspiration.

Revel in the refinement of our jackets, featuring fully functional kissing buttons on the sleeves—a definitive mark of a finely tailored garment. Embrace sophistication; wear artistry.


The Pants

Embark on an extraordinary sartorial journey with our meticulously crafted pants, where every detail speaks volumes about the art of tailoring. Admire the hand-stitched pic stitching along the seams—an unmistakable hallmark of a finely tailored garment that attests to our commitment to exquisite craftsmanship. Marvel at our signature linings, a visual delight that often mirrors the interior of the jacket, creating a seamless and harmonious ensemble that elicits a resounding "WOW!" Our dedication to detail extends to a subtle yet arresting change in the thread color used for the buttonholes on the trousers, adding a touch of sophistication to your look.

Experience the personalized touch of our signature look as you flip over the hem at the bottom of the pants—revealing a unique feature: your name elegantly embroidered. This is more than a suit; this is your distinctive identity. Notice the separate crotch piece meticulously integrated for added strength, protection, and durability, ensuring longevity in every wear.

For a comfortable and secure fit at the waistline, we incorporate two buttons and buttonholes, complemented by a "no-curl" waistband that gracefully embraces your waist without folding over or appearing disheveled. Dive deeper into the thoughtful design with the rubber piping inside the waistband, ensuring your shirt stays in place, preventing it from riding up or coming untucked.

Appreciate the cleverly designed V at the back of the waistband—a subtle innovation catering to the occasional indulgence of a "big lunch." This feature allows the waistband to expand seamlessly, ensuring unparalleled comfort without sacrificing style. Prepare to be captivated—every detail meticulously curated, every stitch a testament to the exceptional quality of our tailored pants. It's not just a garment; it's an embodiment of style, precision, and your unique persona. Wow, indeed!

Ready to elevate your style with DCLA?

Schedule your personalized consultation today. Our expert tailors are here to bring your vision to life. Whether it's a classic suit, a modern masterpiece, or a unique creation, we're ready to craft it exclusively for you. Your bespoke experience awaits.

"At DCLA, the fabrics, tailoring, and service are absolutely top-notch. I’ve worked with a variety of highly regarded bespoke suite makers, but none that work harder, or produce a better product than the team at DCLA. Deepak Chhatwal and Steve Jessani have been helping me look my best for years. They certainly have my strong endorsement.” 

– Matt Sulentic; Kennedy Wilson, Associate | Commercial Investments & Fund Management

“Deepak is the best in the business.  Purchasing a suit has always been challenging for me due to my height—6’9”.  Deepak made a suit that fit perfectly on the first try.  Better yet, you can tell that the suit is made of premium materials as soon as you put it on.  It looks great and it feels even better.  I will not purchase a suit from anyone else.”

– Cody J. McDavis; Associate | Morrison & Foerster LLP; ex NCAA Division 1 Basketball Player