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What Does Your Suit Say About You?

In the pilot episode of the 1997 series The Practice, Dylan McDermott’s character Bobby says, “we always close in blue.” He was referencing his closing arguments while defending his client for a crime she didn’t commit. Why did he choose the color blue? Blue inspires peace, dependability, trust, calm, and is usually worn when trying […]

The Characteristics of a Well Made Suit

Making a perfect suit is an art and the whole activity must be performed dexterously and cautiously. The art of tailoring suits has evolved over the years and today, most manufacturers use advanced knitting machines in order to meet the increased demands. However, there are some fine details that cannot be incorporated into a machine […]

3 Rules to Wearing a White Suit

Wearing a white suit is something that only a gentleman can pull off. The perfect amount of tailoring can make you look breathtakingly stylish and adding white to it just boosts the charm. A white suit, though seasonal and underused, gives a timeless appearance. White suits are stylish, smart and tough to master. This is […]

Packing Tips for Travel

Why was there so much fuss about President Barack Obama’s tan suit? Did the suit have any basic fitting or styling issue? Or, did people just not like it because the President deviated from his usual black suit? The apparent reason for such an uproar was the timing and occasion when he wore it. Critics […]