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4 Tips to Create Your Own Style Statement: Time to Separate from the Clutter

Fashion, like almost everything in life, has certain rules. The only difference is that you are not supposed to cross the line in most aspects of life, but can always tweak the canons when it comes to styling. The level of bend in fashion standards varies from person to person, and a limited conscience in […]

5 Must-Follow Suit Care Commandments

Tailored suits crafted from premium quality fabrics make a great impression. Although every man would agree with this statement, many are not as concerned with the upkeep of their quality tailored suit. The result: diminished appeal and curtailed lifespan. To help, this post discusses 5 simple suit maintenance tips to ensure that your bespoke suit […]

Personal and Professional Benefits that Suits Bring for You

Hardly anyone can deny the sheer power of a great suit. After all, suits play a big role when it comes to first impressions. Whether it is an important meeting, your first job interview, or simply about being elegant, a good suit positively influences these things in ways you can never imagine. Given this, whether […]

A Comprehensive History of Men’s Suits

The 19th century not only gave us artistic masterpieces such as ‘The Starry Night’ by Vincent Van Gogh, it also marked the transition of intricately-embroidered and jeweled clothing into much simpler attires such as suits. That is the reason the era is often attributed for what can be regarded as a sartorial revolution. This was […]

Bespoke Suits: Elements to Consider When Going Bespoke

Going bespoke is one of the best ways to stand apart from the crowd. How could you not with quality materials from Savile Row’s in England or Loro Piana’s in Italy? Fine materials, superior tailoring – these are the elements that make your suit bespoke. At byDCLA, we understand the true value of looking your […]

Why Bankers’ Gray

Finance and fashion rarely mix…or do they? Well, if you think that your over-worked banker could dress more aptly, then think again! It’s not that he doesn’t want to dress stylishly; it’s just that sometimes a business man’s wardrobe gets restricted to those typical blues and whites! However, with the availability of the internet, more […]

Functional Buttonholes

Also known as ‘Surgeon Cuffs’ or working cuffs, functional buttonholes are the sleeve buttons on high-end suits. Over the years, these buttonholes have become a ‘must-have’ for men who want a custom tailored look. Basically, there are two types of buttonholes: hand-stitched and machine stitched. Hand-stitched buttonholes are stronger than machine stitched buttonholes. They last […]

Tips on Buying the Perfect Bespoke Suit

Suits have always been a quintessential part of the modern, progressive male. So, what is it that makes this apparel so special and a hit among men of all ages? These timeless pieces of clothing have always enhanced the presentability, Bespoke suits are one of the and suits worn by men. Bespoke suits are custom-made […]

Dressing Up, this Spring: A Guide to ‘Suit Up’ the Right Way!

Spring is here, and it is time to add some cool quotient to your wardrobe – figuratively and literally. But the question, usually is, where to start?   When it comes custom spring suits, it is always good to have a few inspirations to fuel the final product. So, to help you with your spring […]

The Evolution of the Linen Suit

Made-to-measure custom suits have revolutionized the apparel industry. At byDCLA, for every bespoke suit, we begin by taking as many as 36 measurements to ensure an extraordinary fit. Our custom measurement process means that you get a sharp fitting suit every time. Like all garments, suits have evolved over the years. Especially the fabric choices […]