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Bespoke Attire for Men: 6 Golden Rules to Sport the Perfect Look

As they say, “first impressions last”, and one thing that guarantees a good first impression every time is a well-fitted and carefully thought-out suit. This is why bespoke suits have always been one of the most sought after styling choices and business attire for men around the globe. The art of bespoke is more than […]

5 Modern Office Style Sins You Need to Avoid

Unlike earlier times, when a suit with a sober shirt and tie couldn’t make you go wrong – the modern office look isn’t limited to well-tailored business suits for men. Everything from the bag you carry to your undershirt and the friday denim matters. Any mismatch here and there, and you may stumble, spoiling the […]

Checks: Exploring the Globally Popular Men’s Clothing Style

During any evening stroll down the alley, one typical pattern you would notice among men is checks. Ranging from Scottish kilt to Indian men’s Phiran, checks are exceptionally popular among men from around the world. Season after season, checks has been a recurring pattern in men’s fashion, found in practically every type of men’s clothing […]

Coolest Tailoring on Celluloid: 3 Great Movie Suits and the Men Behind Them

So, you like suits? Move a little back into the era of eighties and see what they looked like, but on celluloid. Worn by the greatest of actors, and crafted by the greatest of designers, we introduce you to thee great suits worn in famous hollywood movies and explore the men behind them, which together […]

5 Wedding Myths that Spoil the Occasion

The wedding bells will ring and you’ll be tied to an auspicious knot to spend the future with your beloved partner. Sounds great.  While getting hitched is easy, executing this once-in-a-lifetime occasion perfectly takes a lot of effort. No wonder all those thoughts about the venue, the suit, the themes, and how to be your […]

5 Style Hacks that Make you Look Taller While Sporting Bespoke Suits

While probably everyone is fond of bespoke suits, for their unmatched style and elegance they shower on your personality, they also wants to look tall as well. Fortunately, as your dressing sense plays a pivotal role in your appearance, it can help you here as well. We don’t say you would turn 6’1”, when you […]

A Gentleman’s Wardrobe Essentials: 3 Classic Suits that are a Lifetime Investment

With just a tick of the clock, seasons come and go. However, while fashion changes over time, certain items can never be replaced. We are talking suits, every stylish man’s armour. Weather you are investing in a custom suit for the first time, or adding to your wardrobe collection, classic suits are worth every cent. […]

4 Must Ask Questions when Ordering a Bespoke Suit

The term ‘bespoke’ dates back to the 17th century, when tailors made clothes individually to fit the personal requirements  and physical  attributes of their clients and the attire was said to have “been spoken for”. The term, however, is now used rather loosely by clothing companies that are manufacturing ‘made-to-measure’ clothing and marketing them as […]

Make a Positive Impression with Proper Golf Attire: Here’s How

There is no denying that golf has long been associated with the corporate world. Offering plenty of time to talk on the green and in the clubhouses, the sport provides an opportunity for people to meet and network with those of mutual interests. As the game is often involved with business meetups, it is imperative […]

Bespoke Shirts: Must Have for Power Dressing

Though there is no particular time to which the origin of shirts can be traced, they have been the foundation of men’s wardrobes for ages. Symbolizing elegance and refinement, shirts have been a part of men’s lives across cultures for centuries. As shirts evolved, they transcended from being a mere piece of clothing to a […]