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Dressing Up, this Spring: A Guide to ‘Suit Up’ the Right Way!

Spring is here, and it is time to add some cool quotient to your wardrobe – figuratively and literally. But the question, usually is, where to start?

custom spring suits


When it comes custom spring suits, it is always good to have a few inspirations to fuel the final product. So, to help you with your spring wardrobe, let’s take at look some.

The Way to Go: Custom Spring Suits

This spring, allow yourself the liberty to try something different. Demand more attention and make a lasting impression by embracing blue tones. Inspiration for men’s spring suits from movie stars such as Bradley Cooper can be helpful, in this regard. Known for his tranquil statement of sophistication, the ‘Hangover’ star has rightfully earned the lead in new styles and fashion sense, mostly attributable to numerous highly-coveted tailored spring suits.

Choose a shade of blue based on your skin tone and preferences. While a true blue shade goes well for a classic look, alternatives such as electric blue and indigo can be good options for a more vibrant appeal. All in all, a well-cut three-piece suit with sleek lines and rich colors should be a staple item in your spring wardrobe.

Doing it Right: Shirts and Accessories

In addition to blue toned suits, a crisp white shirt is another must-have in your spring wardrobe. A plain white shirt can be worn literally anywhere and at any occasion, ranging from an interview to a relaxing evening at a bar. Other accessories such as a tie are equally important to compliment the look; needless to elaborate the significance of a pair of quality cufflinks if you are going for that razor-sharp appeal.

A Few Last Words

If you are in Los Angeles and looking to order custom spring suits, make sure you compliment them with the right shirts and accessories. Follow the trends of the season with tailor-made suits that are ideal for any occasion, and make a lasting impression, wherever you go. Most importantly, never compromise on quality. Hope this brief post comes in handy in putting together your spring wardrobe.

The Evolution of the Linen Suit

Made-to-measure custom suits have revolutionized the apparel industry. At byDCLA, for every bespoke suit, we begin by taking as many as 36 measurements to ensure an extraordinary fit. Our custom measurement process means that you get a sharp fitting suit every time.

Linen White Suit

Like all garments, suits have evolved over the years. Especially the fabric choices deemed popular or appropriate have changed with the times. This holds true for the linen suit in particular. A brief glance at modern history shows the suit’s developmental stages:

  • Linen was the most common suit fabric for men’s suits in the 19th century. The fabric’s availability and flexibility made it the popular choice for men and suit makers.
  • Until WWI, white was the preferred suit color of upper class men. Wearing a white linen suit was a status symbol for wealth and accomplishment. Blue collar men, on the other hand, used the less expensive, more durable darker colors (thus the name “blue collar”).
  • During the 1930s, double-breasted jackets with four buttons and patch pockets were popular. These suit jackets were easy to open and clothes and made by modern manufacturers who advertised to the new professional class men of the modern. Linen took a back seat to other fabrics during this time.
  • In the 1960s, linen suits returned to mainstream usage for spring and summer. The fabric is viewed as cool, casual, yet sophisticated.

Today, linen is still a popular fabric choice for the modern man’s spring and summer wardrobe. The irregular yarn of the fabric gives it a signature casual look that breathe easy in warmer weather contexts. Combine this signature fabric with our tailored measurements and custom stitching and you’ll have the perfect, one of a kind suit for your spring and summer wardrobe.

What Does Your Suit Say About You?

In the pilot episode of the 1997 series The Practice, Dylan McDermott’s character Bobby says, “we always close in blue.” He was referencing his closing arguments while defending his client for a crime she didn’t commit. Why did he choose the color blue? Blue inspires peace, dependability, trust, calm, and is usually worn when trying to convey trust and credibility. In this case, Bobby wanted the jury to trust him and employed his blue attire to emphasize that fact.

bespoke suits


The color and style, along with the quality of your suit, impacts how you’re perceived by the people around you. Suits can be your biggest allies in life if worn with little prudence. There are a few small things that should be kept in mind while choosing a suit.

Lookbook Loro Piana Suits

Following are few basic tips to be kept in mind always while choosing a suit that sends the messages you want to be sent:


  1. Check the fitting. Ready-to-wear suits are cheap, but they will not fit as perfectly as a suit made specifically for you. A bespoke suit will cater to your body-specific needs. Your personal attention to detail will be noted by how well-customized your suit is to your body.


  1. Bespoke suits are made of wool unlike a ready-to-wear suit, which is made of polyester. The use of wool makes a suit durable and the Bespoke suit will be unique to you. So when you wear a bespoke suit, you are an individual in a crowd of hundreds.


  1. The color of the suit makes a lot of difference. The color blue inspires trust. Similarly, black gives a sense of security. Grey is the color of wisdom and efficiency. Black and grey are usually preferred by bankers, attorneys, and salesmen. Earthy tones, such as beige, brown and green, show stability and dependability. They are donned when someone wants to build a rapport or meet an unhappy client.

4.             Pay attention to tie color. In the State of the Union 2015 speech, President Barack Obama wore a blue tie with a black suit. At first glance we might say he chose blue because this was his color of preference. In his speech, he assured Americans about the path to economic recovery. He wanted people to trust his words. Why would he wear a black suit instead of blue? He wants Americans to feel safe and secure. This is a small example of how color can be utilized to make an impact. Red ties will convey power and assertiveness. Orange and yellow showcases your energy and creative spirit. Green and purple make you look dependable, calm and in control.

The Characteristics of a Well Made Suit

Making a perfect suit is an art and the whole activity must be performed dexterously and cautiously.

The art of tailoring suits has evolved over the years and today, most manufacturers use advanced knitting machines in order to meet the increased demands. However, there are some fine details that cannot be incorporated into a machine made suit. These details distinguish a perfectly knitted suit from an ordinary one.

bydcla Loro Piana Men Suits

Therefore, you should always look for the details mentioned below while shopping for Loro Piana men’s suits:

  • First, check the buttonholes. Make a point to touch and feel the gaps. Carefully knitted buttonholes or Milanese buttonholes as they are popularly known, are sharp and sleek as compared to the hastily knitted ones. These buttonholes will lend a clean and stylish look to your overall persona when you don the suit.
  • The lapel roll should be smooth and sharp. This will go a long way in ensuring that the related dimensions and shapes of the garment are perfect.
  • Next, take a look at the collar. This is the most important part of any jacket as it provides balance to the garment. Flip the lapels in order to ensure that the base has been hand stitched -it’s a sign that the jacket is of high quality. Also, ensure that the fold-back of the glen paid fabric has been provided. This is usually included to provide room for alteration if one deems it necessary at a later stage.
  • Ensure that the suit has genuine horn buttons and  don’t forget to check if the front buttons are sewn with a thread shank. This is done to provide space to the fabric to fit in between the button and the garment.
  • See that an extra amount of fabric is used. An ideal jacket has adequate seam allowance. This will accommodate alterations and goes a long way in ensuring that the suit remains functional even if you gain a few extra pounds.

Evaluating the suit of your choice based on the above parameters will help you make the best choice. Keeping these points in mind while shopping for a suit will help you in zeroing-in on the apparel that matches your personality and body type.

Rapport Creating Brown Suits

A well-tailored suit speaks volumes about the wearer. Nothing can really undermine the charisma that it adds to the personality of a man! Be it an Italian Alps Wool suit, or one made from the finest fabrics offered by Vitale Barberis, Canonico; the charm of custom tailored suits for men is unmatchable! There is something about this exquisite piece of clothing that can add loads of confidence to the wearer.

If you think that wearing business clothing eight hours a day is annoying, then it’s time to think again! You may have taken the advice of someone who has a ‘static’ fashion sense. Especially with corporate world dress attire, one of the qualities that distinguishes the winners from the rest is the way they dress and present themselves. Since business men have to meet potential clients, dressing in rapport creating brown suits is a good tip.

rapport creating brown suits

You’ve probably noticed the difference in your employees’ or associates’ reactions when they see you dressed in either a stylish or rather dull outfit. The way you dress and carry yourself coupled with your business acumen and expertise can work wonders for you. When you are keen to showcase your business acumen; why miss the chance to dress in your formal best?

best made to measure suits

Let’s begin by saying that creating a great rapport starts with a custom tailored suit for men. Now don’t jump to the conclusion that all suits are boring and uncomfortable!  Maybe some suits are; but not the best made to measure suits available online.  Whether you are just getting started in your line of business, or you are on your way up to becoming the chairman of the board at your workplace, we surely have a rich collection for you to choose from!

Not just designer suits for men, we also offer great neck wear, pocket squares and stylish cufflinks to complete your business attire. Strike the right chords at your workplace with our stylish yet power-packed options. Simply connect with a byDCLA stylist online and we will do the rest. Your personalized suit will be made as per your taste using our expertise. Our custom tailored suits for men are deemed to fit perfectly.

In case you are waiting to make a strong impression on your business associates, a made to measure suit from the house of byDCLA could be just what you need.

The Right Business Attire for a Professional Look

Knowing how to dress appropriately for any occasion is important. One of the major mistakes that many people make is wearing the wrong attire in the workplace. The way you dress provides insight into your personality, professionalism and of course your fashion sense.
Whether you like it or not, it’s a proven fact that you are judged by your appearance. Gone are the days when people didn’t pay much attention to what they wore in the workplace.  In the modern era, executives and entrepreneurs follow etiquette for business attire in order to project a professional image. For the novice, here are some of the tips that will help you dress appropriately for the business environment.

Business Attire for Men

Follow the Dress Code

Many organizations have specific dress codes for their employees. Dress codes vary according to the culture, environment and the industry. It’s always better to stick to the dress code of the company to reflect a professional business culture. Formal suits and dress pants are some of the smart options that you must have in your wardrobe.

Opt for True Business Attire when in Doubt

Men's Business Suits

If you are unsure about the dress code that an office follows, it’s always a good option to opt for traditional business attire. Arriving at the office in casual attire may leave a bad impression of you on your co-workers. Projecting a professional image is of the utmost importance in a business organization.

Opt for Stylish Suits

One of the professional wardrobe essentials that you can never go wrong with is a suit. Invest in a few quality suits that are considered timeless, that last longer and that leave a lasting impression on the people around you. We at byDCLA ( can provide you with stylishly designed formal suits that are perfect for your professional environment.

Formal suits provide you with a perfect blend of style and professionalism. Navy, charcoal, black and gray are some of the ideal colors for professional attire. It’s always a good option to choose a conservative styled suit rather than going for something off-beat.

Buy the Right Accessories

Theperfectfit6odffnTdnWEcGLcgqq0lETdLi5idOxsXMq6tLvUM0h8[1]  socks Cuff-Links

This is where many people go wrong. When opting for accessories that match your professional attire, wear something that is simple yet stylish. Buy some stylish ties that are made of 100% silk and that are stain resistant. Complement the color of your tie with the suit. Geometric, diagonal stripes, dotted and solid ties are some of the ideal patterns that will go well with your professional attire.
By following the tips mentioned above, you can give your wardrobe a professional make-over. Increase your visibility and make your presence felt with your splendid business suit!

3 Rules to Wearing a White Suit

Wearing a white suit is something that only a gentleman can pull off. The perfect amount of tailoring can make you look breathtakingly stylish and adding white to it just boosts the charm. A white suit, though seasonal and underused, gives a timeless appearance. White suits are stylish, smart and tough to master. This is where byDCLA ( comes into play. We have mastered the art of transforming a man’s appearance into the stature of “awesomeness” with our outstanding custom-tailored suits.

Here’s why most men don’t go for white suits:
White suits are so awesome that most men fear getting them wrong.
Now, what do you mean by getting it wrong?

Fashion blunders are frequent. If you treat your white suit as a work or business suit, then you are in for a fashion blunder. White is for summer. Don’t put one on unless the mercury is pushing the limit. It’s off-duty wear. Oh, just because John Travolta and Al Pacino didn’t have the knack to pull the style off in “Saturday Night Fever” and “Scarface” doesn’t mean that wearing a white suit is a sin.

Business Suit


Here are some tips to wearing a white suit, right:

Deciding when to wear it: You really shouldn’t be wearing a white suit in the winter. You’ll end up looking like an Eskimo in the desert! The rules say that unless you have the sun beating down on you, don’t even think of wearing a white suit!

Deciding where to wear it: Outdoor venues make the best of white suits. So if you have a summer wedding to attend, don the white suit. You’ll look awesome! Women can’t wear white to the wedding; men can. However, don’t make a mess out of yourself by wearing a white suit to the office.

It’s all in the fit: It’s an off-beat suit fellas! Whatever you do, don’t treat it like a business suit! Make sure that your white suit is a slim fit with two buttons and a nicely tailored waist and shoulders.

So guy’s, take out that splendid looking suit from your wardrobe! And also, make sure that when it’s white, you really get it right!



Packing Tips for Travel

Why was there so much fuss about President Barack Obama’s tan suit?

Did the suit have any basic fitting or styling issue? Or, did people just not like it because the President deviated from his usual black suit?

The apparent reason for such an uproar was the timing and occasion when he wore it. Critics said that he had to discuss critical issues related to foreign policy with the media. On such a serious occasion, maybe he should have donned a more conventional suit to match the mood.

There has been a barrage of posts in social media mocking the President’s sartorial preference. We are not going to brew another storm in the teacup around this topic. Here, the intent is to talk about the summer suit that President Obama wore. Despite all the protests and sarcasm, we have to admit that it was a wonderful suit in which he dazzled. It is a kind of suit you would love to carry along when going for a summer business trip.

Barack Obama Suits

  1. Need of Summer Suits When Traveling

Even if you just consider the hot weather in Washington, the President did the right thing by donning the tan suit. Such outfits in light colors have specifically been devised for heated months.

Now, if you are about to travel to another place which has more humid weather, will your traditional navy or black suit do? It won’t be seasonally appropriate.

Not just in terms of weather condition, from the perspective of the right fabric and fashion suitability as well; designer summer suits can give you an eye-soothing look in the scorching summer.

Summer suits provide the breathability factor. Due to loose weaving, you can feel a breeze passing through your suit. It lets your body breath and produces less sweat. These suits are made with open-weave fabric and are available in light colors.

  1. Tips to Pack Your Suit Before You Take Off

When you are heading out for a business trip during the summer, suit packing has to be done perfectly.

Your packing should serve two purposes. First, utilizing all the space in your suitcase, and secondly, folding the suits perfectly to avoid any creases and wrinkles. It is only possible if the fabric used in your suit is of very high quality, which limits the possibility of having wrinkles.

Following tips can help you fold your suit jacket properly:

  1. Hold the shoulders of your suit jacket facing you

  2. Fold the jacket by bringing the two jacket shoulders together

  3. Fold one of the jacket shoulders inside out over the other

  4. Fold the jacket in half, downwards to the end of the jacket

  5. Put the folded pants within the jacket fold. This will create a kind of protective cover for the suit and will keep the pants from having creases.

After folding the suit and pants the ways mentioned above, you will have enough space to accommodate your dress shirts, ties, socks and toiletries.

Want to know more about summer suits, fabric, styling and packing tips? Then contact byDCLA ( It’s a leading tailoring house that offers a wide range of designer suits for all seasons. Moreover, the company’s fashion consultants are ready to assist you in picking the best-in-class suits for the right season along with accessories. You can also get tips on how to maintain the suits to increase their longevity. Visit their website or call them for help in suiting up perfectly this summer!

The New Power Suit

Businessman in suit

Celebrities in Power Suits

You may call it “Eclectic Styling.”

Can you remember a few men who wore some of those off-beat yet fascinating custom-tailored suits with sharp fitting and unique color combinations in recent times?

Well, photographs of celebrities in suits keep coming up in fashion magazines and websites. Some of them really stand out as their suits, dress shirts and overall personality blend effortlessly.

These men grab attention naturally without any of the histrionics that we usually observe among the Hollywood celebs. The reason being, their designer suits shine and make their presence known.

In June of 2014, the website ‘Mommy Noire’ posted pictures of several celebrity men in custom-tailored suits.

Some of them who looked striking are:

Nick Cannon – He was all purple including the shoes! The combination looked great with a white dress shirt and a dark purple tie.

Trey Songz – He wore a glossy brown suit with white shirt and a light-colored tie. It was a treat to the eye!

Scott Disick – Scott seemed to have been inspired by the ‘Hulk’. His green striped suit, darkish green tie and blue trouser made him look….well, sassy.

Will Smith – It was an ‘all red’ affair for this Hollywood heartthrob. He showed up at a movie premiere in a red suit and trouser combination. The contrasting colors of white shirt, black tie and black shoes made him a head turner.

Omar Epps – By donning a lovely dark gray suit with a patterned red shirt and red tie, he looked flawless.

These men showed how orthodox fashion can be mixed with off-beat colors to get a look to die for. But above all, the most striking aspect of these suits was their impeccable fitting.

Speaking Your Mind with Bespoke

The dazzling custom suits those celebrities wore might have taken several days and many hours to stitch based on different measurements. They could also have taken various trials before giving the finishing touch.

When we talk about custom-tailored outfits, bespoke suits lead the pack. Making these suits is an intricate and time-sensitive process. The result? They look simply outstanding compared to the off-the-rack suits.

Some of the premium quality men’s tailored suits are created from the best fabric of the world. For example, a leading custom tailoring house like byDCLA

( offers a myriad of options to people who wish to deviate from the clutter of run-of-the-mill suits. The master tailors of this store work on suits by using their world-class craftsmanship to transform the clothing into a wonderful fashion delight.

Long, oversized suit jackets that fit loose in the shoulders and arms are a thing of the past. Custom tailored suits are created by considering the diagonal body measurements to fit perfectly and in the right proportion.

Customize the Way You Want

The era of shoddy suits is long gone. Now, style-conscious men want their suits to be made based on specific preferences in terms of design, fabric, style and colors. As mentioned earlier, these suits are also created as per the customers’ body shape. For example, a person with an athletic body can look attractive in colored linings, bold fabrics and slim-fitting suits.

Overall these suits are seamless combinations of high-end tailoring by using both conventional tailoring methods and advanced technology. Hence, the outfits encompass everything – sharpness, elegance, subtlety and uniqueness.

Hence, for your very own custom styling, visit to find the best-in-class custom tailoring to create your fabulous power suit!