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Bespoke Attire for Men: 6 Golden Rules to Sport the Perfect Look

As they say, “first impressions last”, and one thing that guarantees a good first impression every time is a well-fitted and carefully thought-out suit. This is why bespoke suits have always been one of the most sought after styling choices and business attire for men around the globe. The art of bespoke is more than just a craft, it is a reflection of the wearer’s personality. It is a process in which the craftsman (tailor) has the time, freedom, insight, and fashion sense to create a garment that’s perfect not just for the wearer’s body, but personality, mindset and aesthetic appeal as well. Whether casuals or formals, bespoke suits are a ‘must-have’ in your wardrobe. In this article, we have put together 10 golden rules that will help you sport the right bespoke style.

Rule 1: Settle for Nothing Less Than a Perfect Fit

Perfect Fit Suit for Men

A right fit is essential to bring out a perfect bespoke gentleman look. Even the world’s most expensive suits will look bad if not tailored to the silhouette of your body. When buying a bespoke suit, the first thing you need to do is ensure that it’s the right fit for your body.

The shoulders are very difficult to tailor and determine whether any option is perfect for your body, so make sure the shoulders of the suit you are about to purchase do not stick out or stick up. After all, you need to strike a perfect balance to cut out that sculpted physique!

Rule 2: Tie Should Be In Harmony with the Lapel

For a gentlemanly formal look, make sure the widths of the tie and the suit’s lapel match perfectly. A lapel is that part on each side of the jacket immediately below the collar and usually formed by folding over the front edges of suit-jackets. Thin lapels are very much in vogue as compared to wide lapels that are now considered old-school. When working with a thin collar use thin ties, and for broad lapel broad ties are the way to go.

Rule 3: Experiment Cautiously with Pocket Squares

Pocket Squares

A pocket square is a ‘must’ if you want to add an extra level of elegance to your look. This is one area where you get the most freedom to experiment with your styling.

Before you experiment, however, one thing you need to keep in mind is that your pocket square shouldn’t match with either the pattern or fabric of the tie

Rule 4: Don’t Limit Yourself to ‘Black’

Myriad color choices are available in men’s suits. We recommend that you go for a charcoal or gray suit over black, unless you are attending a funeral. Dark gray is the new black and a versatile color choice that goes with a plethora of shirt color choices. Also, be a little experimental with the pattern choices, and remember that ‘checks’ are in vogue these days.

Rules 5: Choose the Right Color of Shoes

Choose the Right Color of Shoes

If you get this rule right, you are sure to make an lasting first impressions. Make sure the color of your shoes blends well with that of your suit.

Rule 6: Make Sure Shoes and Belts Go Well Together

Another sensitive element to men’s formal styling is ‘the belt.’ Your belt should be fairly thin and of the same color as your shoes. There is a plethora of leather and metal finish belts in the market, and you just have to match any choice with your shoes.

A Few Parting Tips

The clothes on your back are more than just a piece of covering material, but rather a testament to your personality.  A bespoke suit is the best way to have an impactful impression, provided you get all aforementioned rules right. Besides, to give a more trendy and casual look to your bespoke piece of clothing, go for single-button peak-lapel jackets with colorful chinos. If you want to stick to a formal look, go for a double-button, notched lapel jacket. Last but not least, makes sure your socks are long enough not to show skin when sitting down.

5 Modern Office Style Sins You Need to Avoid

Unlike earlier times, when a suit with a sober shirt and tie couldn’t make you go wrong – the modern office look isn’t limited to well-tailored business suits for men. Everything from the bag you carry to your undershirt and the friday denim matters. Any mismatch here and there, and you may stumble, spoiling the sophistication of even the most expensive bespoke suit. To help you tread well on your 9 to 5 look, we present five modern office style sins and their fix through this article.

byDCLA-Business Suits for Men

1- Carrying Gym Bags to Office

Though office briefcases have transitioned to office backpacks, you need to be smart with your selection here. No mockery, but if the backpack slung over the shoulders of your intricate bespoke suit is permeated with pockets, better reserve it for hiking.

What to Do?

Invest in backpacks that come in premium fabrics, contemporary shapes and softened colors.

Black, brown or blue leather backpacks in quality hardware that have enough space for your laptop is what you need to look classy.

2- Infusing the Wrong Athleisure into Business Casuals

We don’t ask you to limit black or brown lace-ups when choosing formal shoes with suits. However, in an attempt to separate yourself from the clutter, don’t commit the mistake of trying to rock your gym trainers with your business suit.

What to do?

If you are looking to rest those crocodile, lizard, and ostrich leather for a while, throw on classic canvas. Try Stan Smith’s to induce a creative touch to your suit.

3- Dressing Too Casual on a Casual Friday

While you may rock a runway with a trendy tracksuit bottom, carrying it to your office, even if it’s a casual friday, is just too casual. Remember, being trendy is good, but not at the cost of inappropriate looks.

What to Do?

Balance being the key, when dressing down the lower half, go for a cuffed slimline chino, and match it with a smart shirt and jumper. Similarly, you may try polo shirts; however, to add more elegance to your casual look, pair it with brogues and tailored trousers.

4- Not Hiding a Visible Undershirt

Even a well-crafted bespoke suit loses its sheen if your undershirt is visible. Remember, with more people moving towards the ‘no-tie’ suit look, the unpleasant sight of your undershirt can easily dismantle your image in front of that hard earned client.

What to Do?

Go for V-neck undershirts; we suggest heather gray, as it is less visible under lighter shirts, and a better option if you already have white. However, don’t completely ditch the undershirt, for the sweat stains may ruin your expensive shirt.

5- Wearing a Dad Denim

Lighter jeans are back in trend, but wearing a light shade, especially an acid wash dad jean, is not a wise option for business casual. Mistakenly, if you are still wearing shapeless pairs, people might start comparing you to Jeremy Clarkson soon.

What to Do?

Let there be no difference between your trousers and jeans–after all, you carry both to work. However, no need to go for a tailored jean. Stick to rich colors, and match your indigo jeans with blazers, knitwears, and suede boots to make them work.


Sartorial evolution has given us both the liberty and choice to present our unique side through clothing. When it comes to business suits for men, and matching them with other ensembles that look good during the office hours, you’ve got to play a little smart. While trying hard to be trendy, let not a great investment such as a bespoke suit lose its worth. If you mean business, let your clothes say that for you.

Checks: Exploring the Globally Popular Men’s Clothing Style

During any evening stroll down the alley, one typical pattern you would notice among men is checks. Ranging from Scottish kilt to Indian men’s Phiran, checks are exceptionally popular among men from around the world. Season after season, checks has been a recurring pattern in men’s fashion, found in practically every type of men’s clothing and accessories including ties, shirts, pants and even wallets. Ironically, despite their boundless recognition in the fashion landscape, checks are widely misunderstood. Many people think of checks as one common pattern with not much scope for styling. There are actually multiple types of checks available in an array of color options to suit every taste.

For those who haven’t yet invested in this popular style, this post highlights some typical check patterns to consider during the next wardrobe update. Let’s begin!

Plaid Checks

Plaid Checks

Plaid, the most elemental form of checks, has long dominated the landscape of global fashion. The pattern is an embodiment of vertical and horizontal bands of two or more colors that is intricately crisscrossed in a perfect symmetry across the fabric. Though plaid is closely associated to Tartan, there is a thin line difference between the two. Plaid is usually seen in flannel and is easily found in a dress shirt. The pattern makes a perfect choice for business-casual custom make suits. Plaid is the widely used check pattern in men’s clothing and is here to stay. To master the pattern, wear a plaid flannel shirt with a blazer or quilted jacket, a beige trouser, light or dark color jeans and complete the look by wearing urban boots.

Tartan Checks

Tartan Checks

A Tartan check is one among the most popular checks, often referred interchangeably with plaid. The pattern has a historical significance and is symbolic as it has been adopted as a national dress of Scotland. The pattern consists of crisscross vertical and horizontal strips of multiple colors. Originally made from woven wool, tartan check pattern is gaining prominence throughout the world. Just like plaid, tartan is often found in woolen pieces such as flannel shirts, and kilts.

Tonal Checks

Tonal Checks

As a testament to the popularity of checks, designers have given a creative bent to traditional checks and reinterpreted the traditional patterns into tonal checks. A combination of two neutral colors, such as royal blue on navy, or brown on green, tonal checks present a contemporary way to wear this heritage pattern. If you are a fashion conscious man, this winter, invest in at least one tonal check clothing, probably a blazer. The style not only reflects your aesthetic sense in clothing, but also ensures that you are tastefully stylish wherever you go.

A Few Parting Words

The vast variety of checks available always has something to offer to a fashion enthusiast. No doubt fashionable men are fond of checks as they are not only colorful and stylish, but also offer a sense of elegance and organized piece of clothing – just the way men wants things to be. Though checks are here to stay and should be a staple in your wardrobe, the key to rightly sport the style is knowing the limits. Something that appeals to you may look over the top to others. Similarly, some men are up for experimentation while others couldn’t even imagine wearing anything else but basic checks. Our suggestion is, trust your gut and choose the pattern that makes you feel comfortable and complements your persona.

Coolest Tailoring on Celluloid: 3 Great Movie Suits and the Men Behind Them

So, you like suits? Move a little back into the era of eighties and see what they looked like, but on celluloid. Worn by the greatest of actors, and crafted by the greatest of designers, we introduce you to thee great suits worn in famous hollywood movies and explore the men behind them, which together influenced the audience of that age, and continue to dwell in many hearts even today.

Slimmer Italian Cut Suit or the Armani Suit

Movie: American Gigolo

Actor: Richard Gere

Designer: Giorgio Armani

Slimmer Italian Cut Suit

Famous for its most memorable wardrobe scenes, where Richard Gere flicks through his huge range of blazers and shirts, American Gigolo showed that the eighties was no less stylish in terms of clothing. Giorgio Armani designed various outfits for Richard Gere, and his suit-designs in the movie are considered by many as the turning point in American tailoring. The movie heralded the influence of the slimmer Italian cut.

Loud Print Lining Jackets

Movie: Casino

Actor: Robert De Niro

Designer: Rita Ryack

Loud Print Lining Jackets

Get surprised to know that the costume budget for this movie was a hefty $1 million–all thanks to the 45 suits Robert De Niro donned in the movie. Designed to complement his flamboyant look in the movie, the suits were specifically tailored for him. According to Rita Ryack, the costume designer of the movie, “No one except Robert De Niro could have pulled off the audacious clothing of the movie without looking cartoonish”. Though not everyone would have the guts to wear all the stylings presented in the movie, Casino introduced a different flavor of suits in the history of cinematic style.

The Jazz Age Suits

Movie: The Great Gatsby (1974)

Actor: Robert Redford

Designer: Ralph Lauren

The Jazz Age Suits


American fashion designer and philanthropist, Ralph Lauren introduced pastels, contrast colors, flannels, and more white suits in this movie, with his designing talent. His clothing in the Great Gatsby exuded the fusion of twenties tailoring and contemporary seventies flair. Lauren weaved a fashion empire through his suiting and other clothing innovations in the movie to make Redford look as the cinema’s most stylish characters. Theoni V. Aldredge grabbed an Oscar for Best Costume Design.


Be it a Loro Piana suit, your famous brand procured from Savile Row, or a custom made clothing such as bespoke, suits have a class of their own. They create an everlasting impression and exude an unparalleled elegance wherever you move. At byDCLA, we make such bespoke suits that cater to your specific contours to give you an extremely comfortable and stylish experience. Our range of accessories, includes shirts, shoes, belts, and more–of the top-notch brands to help you complement your suiting.

5 Wedding Myths that Spoil the Occasion

The wedding bells will ring and you’ll be tied to an auspicious knot to spend the future with your beloved partner. Sounds great.

 While getting hitched is easy, executing this once-in-a-lifetime occasion perfectly takes a lot of effort. No wonder all those thoughts about the venue, the suit, the themes, and how to be your best. Be sure, however, that no myths confuse or make you overly obsessed with things that you forget to enjoy this grand day. Precisely, to help you here, we debunk 5 wedding myths so that there’s no sacrifice in your prosperity, and you enjoy the event with alacrity.

byDCLA Bespoke  Suits

Myth 1: A Tux is Mandatory

While a well tailored black tux with good accessories is a good option, it is not an obligation on your wedding day. Don’t forget a well-tailored bespoke such as a double breasted, single breasted, or one button is an investment that will serve you on multiple occasions, and not just some rare dinner party.

Myth 2: Keep Your Suit Subtle

Don’t try to outshine the gown. This thinking has been at the centre of many minds, but you should not worry much about it. While you may want the bride to look great, you wouldn’t want yourself to compromise with a bland and boring suit. The wedding day is as much important for you as your future wife, and to be at your best is your right. Go for an elegant, sharp looking bespoke, and look as stylish as you can.

Myth 3: Stick to Tradition

You are no more in the 1950s when bespoke suits had wide collars and torsos. Despite this fact, weddings, as a rule of thumb, generally, stick to traditions. Though many couples prefer themed or traditional settings–Victorian themes are trending these days–such things shouldn’t stop you from donning a modern suit or experimenting with our existing collection. Complementing your bespoke with accessories such as french cuffs, ties, cufflinks, or patterned pocket squares, can render you a modern look, while keeping the elegance factor intact.

Myth 4: Don’t Experiment with Dresses

Many people, thinking that weddings are a serious occasion, bind themselves within conventional dressing clutches. Not to forget, your wedding is less a serious and more a fun day. Pondering about everything shouldn’t go to an extent that you end up squeezing fun out of the day. Neither should it restrict you from experimenting or trying an interesting suit or a tie that sets off your look. It’s your day, and you have every right to rock the party with powerful and punch-packed dressing. Think accessories, and try everything that accentuates your looks.

Myth 5: Everything Should be Matching

Themes are good, but they should be a part of the entire venue. If the flowers and table are green and gold doesn’t mean that your suit accessories too should be of the same color.

Too much color and pattern in accessories may make you like an amateur, no matter you have the best suit in Los Angeles. Therefore, go for colors that suit you, and if possible, compliment the theme.


Fashion, like other fields comes with certain rules, but tweaking them from time to time is what gives birth to vogue or its trends. When purchasing a suit like bespoke, therefore, no matter from Los Angeles, Florida, or any other occasion, don’t shy to convey your ideas to your tailor. Let him know about your plans, and how you wish to present yourself on the most important day of your life.

 At byDCLA, our professionals tailors take everything into consideration before crafting a perfect bespoke for you. Equipped with sartorial skills, and familiar with the latest trends in the suiting industry, they are know to create suits that set off your look on your wedding.

5 Style Hacks that Make you Look Taller While Sporting Bespoke Suits

While probably everyone is fond of bespoke suits, for their unmatched style and elegance they shower on your personality, they also wants to look tall as well. Fortunately, as your dressing sense plays a pivotal role in your appearance, it can help you here as well. We don’t say you would turn 6’1”, when you might be only 5 feet. You shouldn’t expect any sort of a Danny DeVito to Michael Jordan transition overnight. There are tricks, however, that work good in giving the illusion of a taller look.

Sporting Bespoke Suits

Sport Single Color

You may have noticed at some point that when someone wears an outfit of the same color– or a tonal monochrome outfit — they look taller. The reason behind it is the vertical line formation that your eyes naturally follow. Wearing the same colored suit, with a slight difference in tones-such as blue and gray-is a nice way to streamline the shape of the suit with your body and achieve a taller look. Although, darker colors are better for a bespoke suit, black will provide a shrunken look. The best is to go with navy or charcoal gray colored suits.

Go for Vertical Stripes

Ever heard of the popular debate about how and why horizontal lines make you look wider? Fashionistas now say that vertical stripes make you look taller. Believe them, as they do. No matter fabrics such as corduroy or patterns such as striped shirts, evenly spaced vertical lines make the donner look taller. The reason, people tend to follow the lines up the suit or the shirt, instead of stopping at other points of the attire.

Wear Slim Fit Clothes

Slim fit clothes help you achieve a taller look. Baggy clothes, on the other hand, not only give the impression that you have borrowed someone else’s clothes, but they also make you look uncomfortable. This is why it is so important to consult the right tailor, and talk about what you are trying to achieve out of your suit. An experienced tailor will consider all the cuts while preparing a suit that fit your body and shape, and make you look taller.

Maintain a Good Posture

Posture is one of the most important elements that give the illusion of long height; however, not all of us use of our complete height, or maintain a good posture to show how tall we are. Imagine yourself as a rod standing tall, instead of a bow. Remember, a Thoracic Kyphosis posture is neither good for the spine, nor for your height. So, the next time you sport a bespoke suit, remember to keep your head high, your back straight, and chest pushed forward.

Play Down the Finer Details

When you want to look tall, your accessories too need to compliment your actions. The elements such as lapels, tie width knot, amount of shirt cuff, and collars should be thinner than average. Remember, the idea is to let the details of the suit run in proportion to your size, and not highlight small features.

Things to Remember

  • Avoid belts in contrasting colors.
  • Avoid short-sleeved shirts. They highlight shorter limbs.
  • Opt for linen trousers and roll long sleeves the Italian way.
  • Tuck the shirt in, if the hem passes your hip bone.

Last Words

When it comes to giving the illusion of height through clothing, the idea is always to keep the details upstairs and draw people’s attention towards the upper part of your body. These 5 tips can make you look tall in your bespoke suit, and add that ‘wow’ factor to your personality. However, remember that every person has a different body and nuance. While there are people who wish to look a little more taller, there are those too who wish they could have reduced an inch or so to get that perfect look.

A Gentleman’s Wardrobe Essentials: 3 Classic Suits that are a Lifetime Investment

With just a tick of the clock, seasons come and go. However, while fashion changes over time, certain items can never be replaced. We are talking suits, every stylish man’s armour. Weather you are investing in a custom suit for the first time, or adding to your wardrobe collection, classic suits are worth every cent. They are a lifetime investment. This article showcases three fashion-forward suits that always go with every season. Let’s check them out.

byDCLA Custom Suit

Navy Two-Piece

Navy is the new all-season and all-occasion suit color. From having a cup of coffee with a client, to attending a wedding or a job interview, this item is very versatile. Having gained much prominence over the years, navy custom suits are considered today’s perfect ensemble for any business occasions. Many go to the extent of saying that navy two-piece is the only suit a man would ever need, due to its rich and versatile tone.

Tip:Go for a single-breasted, notch lapel jacket, with brown footwear and accessories. When doing the casual round, combine with a jeans, tailored trouser or a chino.

Black Two-Piece

While black suits often fall into a debate for the occasion, there’s nothing better than a well tailored black ensemble. Its elegance is unmatchable. However, donning this timeless classic equires a few tricks. While a black tie and a classic white dress can win hearts, a full black suit– except in weddings and funerals–may look too stark in the daytime.

Tip: Black suits look great under artificial lights. When slipping into them during the day time you can also pair the jacket with slim grey trousers.

Mid-Grey Three-Piece

No matter the occasion, grey is that one color that rocks all men of all color. Even if it’s your wedding day or that normal day in office, a well crafted grey custom suit is all you need. In fact, the three-piece grey bespoke has always remained a top choice for men–preferring the fully buttoned-up style. Adding a waistcoat can also help you leave a solid impression during those special occasions.

Tip:Put on the waistcoat with a tieless shirt, especially during the summer  when the jacket it’s needed. Roll up the sleeves for a dressed-down feel.


Suits are a power statement that are meant to create an everlasting impression. No wonder this regalia is a trademark for most business professionals. You are likely to have one of the three suits in your wardrobe but having all three of these timeless classics will have you set. Increasing your collection of custom suits gives you a better chance to rotate them and consequently, increase their longevity.

4 Must Ask Questions when Ordering a Bespoke Suit

The term ‘bespoke’ dates back to the 17th century, when tailors made clothes individually to fit the personal requirements  and physical  attributes of their clients and the attire was said to have “been spoken for”. The term, however, is now used rather loosely by clothing companies that are manufacturing ‘made-to-measure’ clothing and marketing them as ‘bespoke’. Given that bespoke and made-to-measure (MTM) are not the same, it is important to know the right questions to ask your bespoke tailor in order to ensure what you are being offered is actually ‘bespoke’, and if so, of what quality. Let’s begin.

byDCLA- Custom Tailored Suits

1. What fabrics are on offer?

Though there is no standardization to the quantity of fabric that a bespoke or MTM tailor is supposed to offer, it is a norm to get fabrics from at-least 10 mills and even more, unlike MTMs that provide fabrics from a couple of mills only. The number of mills is an important consideration as it gives you an indication of the available selection in terms of quality and styling. Bespoke tailors use fabrics from some of the finest mills across the globe. These include Holland & Sherry, Loro Piana, Ermenegildo Zegn, and Dormeuil, among others.

2. What trims are available?

Trims matter a lot, when it comes to getting an ideal bespoke. Here, we are talking about outer trims such as genuine horn buttons, top quality zippers, durable bemberg linings and inner trims such as chest and collar canvases, shoulder pads, collar felts, sleeve heads and more. There is little that you can do but research on trims, and trust your tailor to use the best quality inner trims. This is because you only get to about your bespoke trims after wearing the suit for a few months and dry cleaning it several times. One tip about genuine, good quality outer trims, is that you need to be aware of anything with a raised surface that can rub and peel over time.

3. How many fittings will I need?

An MTM suit usually requires two fittings. The first in the initial stages to take measurements and draft a design, followed by a final fitting once the suit has been made. There are no fitting sessions during the process of creation. There might be a third fitting session but that’s only when there are any alteration required to the final product. Creating a bespoke is altogether different. From skeleton baste fitting, forward fitting to fin bar fin fitting, bespoke suits require multiple fittings during the creation itself. Some tailors may even require more than 5 mid-fittings.

4. Is the jacket fully canvassed?

A bespoke suit should always be fully canvassed. If you want to understand the reason behind this, here is a bit of suiting history to shed the light. During the early years of suit making, suits were made with a horsehair canvas layer underneath the wool fabric shell. Its purpose was to hold the shape of the suit and prevent it from deforming or sagging. Over a period of time, the canvas would conform to the body of the wearer, giving a perfect fit. High quality canvas, however, is expensive, which is why MTM suits use a fusible interlining that is glued to their wool-shell. Though it is a good substitute in terms of holding the shape together, it is unnaturally stiff, which makes the suit appear lifeless when compared to a fully canvassed suit.  

A Word of Advice

A bespoke suits, made with an objective of lasting you a lifetime, are among the most expensive items that you can have in your wardrobe. Therefore, it is recommended that you pay special attention to the basics before ordering. Research thoroughly and probe till the time all your doubts are clear. It is also very essential that you order a bespoke only when you are sure that you are in the best of shape and would not want to bring any noticeable difference to your body. Go for a trusted brand that has proven itself over the years, to ensure that you get value for the substantial sum that you are shelling out.

If you have any questions on bespoke suits or wish to learn more, please feel free to contact one of our representatives. We’ll be happy to hear from you!

Make a Positive Impression with Proper Golf Attire: Here’s How

There is no denying that golf has long been associated with the corporate world. Offering plenty of time to talk on the green and in the clubhouses, the sport provides an opportunity for people to meet and network with those of mutual interests. As the game is often involved with business meetups, it is imperative to dress for the occasion in order to make a positive first impression. Now the question is: what are the protocols?

When it comes to gearing up for golf, there are many aspects that you need to consider. Let’s begin.

byDCLA - Callaway Golf Polo Shirts

Sporting Your Golf Polo Shirt

If the aim is to make a mark, one distinct element that has to be adhered to is style, and golf polo shirts are, hands down, a golfer’s favorite. In addition:

  • Wearing your shirt untucked may look cool when you are out for an unplanned outing but don’t let the golf polo shirt hang out of your shorts as it looks shabby. Another reason to keep that shirt tucked-in is to flaunt your simple, but stylish, belt that matches your shoes.
  • If you think wearing a baggy shirt makes you look less large, you couldn’t be farther from the truth. Only the right food and right exercise can make one smaller, and an oversized golf polo shirts most certainly won’t help. Yes, it may indeed hurt the prospects tied to the meetup.
  • When wearing a crew neck sweater over a golf polo shirt, make sure the collar is tucked in. This will give you a clean, trimmed look. A recommended option, if the season/weather is right.

Sporting Shorts or Trousers

Khakis (shorts and trousers) are the foundation of a golf wardrobe. They are simple, versatile and can never go wrong as they go with almost anything. If you don’t have one, it is time to go shopping. While you can’t go wrong with a pair of casual khaki trousers, here are a few guidelines for wearing shorts:

  • Be careful about the length. While too long looks sloppy, too short may look overtly casual. Let the shorts fall just above your kneecaps.
  • Avoid cargo shorts. They not only look sloppy, but are also restricted at some golf clubs. So, that pretty much says it all.
  • Let the bottom of your golf trousers kiss the show top.

Selecting the Right Accessories

  • Your socks should always come to your ankles and must not rise above them.
  • The belt loops are there for a reason. Always remember to sport a belt inside them.
  • Avoid a contrasting belt, especially if you have a large waist. To draw that unwanted attention away from your waistline, try matching the belt with your shirt or shoes.
  • Needless to elaborate; a golf cap and glove are quintessential.

A Word of Advice

Golf is more than a leisure activity and for people who want to stay on top of their game, it is important to familiarize themselves with the various aspects of golf clothing etiquette – whether how to golf polo shirts or selecting suitable accessories. Once that is done, rest assured that you are just a few steps away from a perfect day of golf, and for sure, an impressive appearance

Bespoke Shirts: Must Have for Power Dressing

Though there is no particular time to which the origin of shirts can be traced, they have been the foundation of men’s wardrobes for ages. Symbolizing elegance and refinement, shirts have been a part of men’s lives across cultures for centuries. As shirts evolved, they transcended from being a mere piece of clothing to a direct reflection of the wearer’s style sense and status, which explains the increasing demand of bespoke shirts. Today, bespoke fashion house take the appeal of shirts to a whole new level. What’s the difference, you ask? Let’s see.

What makes a bespoke shirt “different”?

A bespoke shirt has numerous elements that separates it from regular or made-to-measure shirts. Some of the most notable differences between bespoke shirts and other shirts are:

Choice of Fabrics

Every seasoned bespoke shirt tailors would tell you that one of the reasons why customers come to them is to be able to get a shirt that is exclusively made for them, from a premium fabric of their choice. The ability to choose from a variety of mills provides men the luxury to decide on vitals such as weight, texture, colour and pattern, thereby resulting in shirts that are truly “been spoken for”.

That Perfect Fit

Not only do men differ from each other in terms of physical attributes, but every individual is not symmetrical. It might sound strange but fact is that, for men, to have one shoulder sit higher or lower than the other or an arm longer or shorter than the other, is actually more common than you think. It is because of this reason that regular and MTM shirts are made to accommodate a wide range of body types, which is not the case with bespoke shirts.

Detailed Customization

Bespoke tailors pay attention to the minutest of details. They not only take numerous measurements to ensure a perfect fit, but can also help you better tune your styling by complementing the shirts to accessories such as watches and cufflinks. Similarly, the shirt collars are designed so that their width matches the width of the tie and the jacket you plan to pair it with, thereby helping in balancing the proportions.

Why team a bespoke shirt with a bespoke jacket?

Some people do not realize the importance of wearing a bespoke shirt with a bespoke jacket. The fact is, even the most masterfully crafted bespoke shirts may lose their appeal if paired with an inapt jacket. The length of sleeves is where the problem usually arises. Ideally, the shirt’s sleeve should be about a centimeter longer than the jacket with which it is paired. Therefore, to get that perfect look, it is important to pair a bespoke shirt with a bespoke jacket, and vice versa. That’s because regular and MTM shirts are usually cut generously in order to ensure that most men find them comfortable. However, more often than not, the arm doesn’t fit the armhole perfectly, and as a result, there is a lot of loose fabric left under the arm, giving a very untidy look as it bunches up under the jacket, restricting arm movement.


Some ready to wear and MTM shirt labels offer good workmanship and if one has a limited budget, their options might be worthwhile. However, for those who seek absolute perfection and unparalleled class, bespoke shirts are the way to go. The only point worth noting here, is that once you get used to a bespoke shirts, you will never want to wear MTM shirts again. To learn more about bespoke shirts and how they are made, feel free to get in touch with one of our representatives. We’d love to hear from you!