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A Comprehensive Guide on Suits for the Tall and Lean

As men come in all shapes and sizes, so do their suits. The key is to opt for those fabrics and styles that compliment your body type. Though nobody wants people to focus on their physical flaws, there is a limit to what we can de-emphasize. It is almost impossible for any suit to cover up the excess weight, however, a custom-suit maker can work on your suits to minimize the attention paid to certain physical features and downplay their significance. In short, every man can improve his appearance with the help of a skilled suit maker. On that note, we walk you down the sartorial alley recommending the fabric, color and style of suit that is most flattering for tall and thin men.

Heavy Fabrics

Heavy Fabrics

Picking the right suit for any body type doesn’t only depend on the right suit style. You have to pick the suitable fabric as well. If you are tall and thin, you must adorn some heavy fabric to add some weight to your body and strike a proportionate look. Lightweight fabric will hang from your body making your look lankier than what you are; so look for heavy fabric such as tweed or worsted wool.

Light Colors

Light ColorsLight color clothes make you look a little bulky, so a light shade suit brings you an advantage if you are tall and thin. Having said that, suits with vertical pinstripes and dark colors are a big ‘no’, as they accentuate  your height and weight. Go for light colors, such as grey, beige, and so on.

High Button Stance

High Button Stance

A button stance is the position of the waist button on a coat. It is divided into three categories:
Neutral- button positioned at the waist line (a standard ‘V’ line)
Low- below the waistline (creating a deeper ‘V’)
High- above the waist line (short ‘V’ opening of the jacket)
For tall and thin body type, choose a high button stance. Three button suits are ideal for them as they have height and length in proportion to the body type. Tall guys can also go for two button jackets, but make sure to choose the one with a button stance above the navel and closer to the solar plexus.  Today however 2-button jackets are all the rave with the 1st button of the jacket being placed higher than the traditional 2 button.  The lapels have moved up almost to the shoulder, narrowed to 2.75” to 3”; with shoulders also proportionally narrowed and a fairly defined shoulder at the end where the sleeve is attached.  All this with side-vents and you Sir are a contemporarily stylized gentleman.

Single or No Vent Jackets

Single or No Vent Jackets

Most tall and thin people don’t have much of rear to make room for, so they can go for either single vent or no vent jackets. Jacket vents are created to allow easy movement and comfort for the wearer with a stylish touch, but for tall guys single or no vent makes their rear look fuller.  Keep in mind that a custom tailored suit will account for the size or lack there-off of your rear.  Also “Double Vents” are considered very a British style; “Single Vent” is considered American while “No Vent” very Italian.

Sport High or Regular Rise Pants

Sport High or Regular Rise Pants

As tall guys have long legs, they should wear pants in a manner that doesn’t put emphasis on their long legs. Wear regular rise pants to look tall. The rise of the pant is the distance between the waistband and the crotch. Regular rise establishes the proportion between the body and the legs. A regular rise brings symmetry to long legs and torso, establishing a proportionate look between body and the legs.


Knowing the perfect suit type  not only adds style to your collection, but also helps you downplay your certain physical features. A double-breasted suit with light color and heavy fabric will go a long way helping every tall and thin men, divert the attention of people from their body to their suits. Hope this brief read helps you choose a perfect suit for your body type. However, if you want to know further about custom made suits, feel free to contact our stylists at (844) 707-8084

A Gentleman’s Style Guide to Shirt Collars

The collar of a shirt constitutes one of its most prominent parts. Particularly when it is a white shirt, the collar not only frames your face but also, adds an extra persona to your white shirt lookbook. Though fit of the shirt carries maximum significance to a viewer, the shape and proportions of its collar is something you cannot overlook. Menswear experts believe that instead of buying dress shirts with collars that counter-balance your face, get one that goes well with your style statement.
Dig in to explore the ultimate style guide to shirt collars.

White Shirt

Collar Interlining

Use of interlining in a collar lends it extra structure and a tougher feel. Structure in a collar helps to improve its stand, whether worn on its own or under a blazer’s lapel. Collar interlining typically comes in two varieties, namely sewn and fusible. Sewn interlining carries a bespoke feel to it with a piece of fabric hand sewn onto the collar. While in the case of fusible interlining, interlining is glued with a light adhesive onto the collar. This type of interlining comes in multifarious weights and textures. High-quality fusible interlining helps to maintain the structure and wearability of the shirt over time.

Collar Stays

You cannot deny the significance of a proper and crisp collar stay on your shirt. It keeps the shape of your collar intact; preventing it from curling in and out. They are ideal in keeping your collar upright with a sharp point over time; lending it a more polished and professional look. Sewn-in and removable are two varieties of collar stays. A few of the popular kinds of collar stays that men wear these days are plastic, stainless steel, brass, and gold collar stays.

Collar Types

Tall Spread Collar

Considered as one of the most formal collars, the higher collar band of the tall spread collar gives it an upright, formal stand. Shirts with a tall spread collar look great when worn under a blazer or suit jacket, along with a tie. It is not a specifically large or small collar but, carries nice, wearable proportions. This incredibly versatile collar goes well with all kinds of suits.

Point Collar

This classic and more on the American side collar has a smaller distance between the two collar points and when buttoned, a narrower enclosure for a tie knot. The collar points on both the tall spread and point collars are the same in length; they end up 3” away from one another on the point. You can find a great variety of point collar styles, ranging from classic tall-point to the casual washed point.

Button-Down Collar

The button-down collar is typically a variation on the point collar with a softer interfacing and buttons holding down the collar points. This medium-sized collar falls in between the classic and modern style collars. It has just the correct amount of interlining to have a perfect roll when worn with a tie for a more professional look. The buttons that hold down a button-down collar are smaller than shirt front and cuff buttons. They are of about the same size as sleeve gauntlet buttons. You should wear a button-down shirt only with a single-breasted suit.


Next time you buy a shirt, not only look for the fit,  but also give equal importance to the shape and style of its collar. A collar can, indeed, make or break the look of your shirt. You can even contact our menswear experts to access our white shirt lookbook; helping you choose the perfect business look.

4 Reasons Why Bespoke Suits are Worth Your Money

Are you planning to buy a suit for special occasions this year, but wondering which type of suit to buy to get that perfect look? You are not alone! There are many others who keep trying different options such as off-the-rack, made-to-measure, and bespoke. If you too are looking for a suit that fits you perfectly and has exceptional quality and personalization, a bespoke suit from a reputable suit maker is just what the doctor prescribed.

Read on to learn four reasons why bespoke suits, despite their generous price tags, are the best bet for your money.

byDCLA Bespoke Suits

1. Perfect Fit

More than anything else, it’s the fit that matters the most. Bespoke suits are top-of-the-line garments when it comes to fitting. The tailoring involves taking accurate measurements to ensure that the suit perfectly fits according to your body type. Some reputed suit makers even take 36 different measurements to ensure precision. The tailors usually leave a small margin for any increase or decrease in weight you may experience later. On the contrary, ready-made suits are pre-cut, and there is no option of customization.

2. Wide Range of Fabric and Styles

Many stylish men prefer bespoke suits over readymade stuff because they can choose from a diverse range of fabric and styles. A majority of high-end fashion designers use a higher grade of fabrics to ensure great quality. You can also opt for even better grade fabrics such as “Super 100’s”, which have lower micron count. Some of the examples of these fabrics are Super 110s, 120s, 130s, and so on. Finer fabrics like these are used to make durable and elegant suits. Additionally, elegance and styling come naturally with bespoke suits compared to off-the-rack suits. Our online clothing store, for example, provides a stylebook, and our style consultants can help you choose the right fabric, design, and color.

3. Personalization

Personalization is one of the primary reasons why bespoke suits are high in demand. Modern men are style conscious, and therefore, like to have uniqueness in their suits. They can get that unique appeal through endless customization possibilities that bespoke suits offer. In fact, making bespoke suits involves a meticulous process where your posture and body shape are taken considered, and therefore, each notation is transferred to the bespoke pattern. You can let a style consultant know all your preferences. An added advantage that comes with tailored suits is that you even get to choose the buttons or the kind of collar you want. Off-the-rack suits would never give you such kind of freedom.

4. Unmatched Style Quotient

The ultimate suit is always a second skin”, says Simon Cundey, Managing Director, Henry Poole & Co. The elegance and charm that a bespoke suit brings to a man’s personality are unparalleled. The saying “Appearance rules the world” is apt for beautiful bespoke suits because they are the perfect blend of timeless classics and contemporary styling. Unlike off-the-rack suits, bespoke truly portrays your personality and sophistication.


Buying a bespoke suit is like a “sartorial sojourn” where you get to experience customization and amazing craftsmanship at every step. It’s simply your gateway to signature styling. If you want to learn more about bespoke suits, check our “Lookbook” to find a unique range of clothing assortments, and one of our style consultants will take it forward from there. You can also get in touch with us by filling out our contact form, and our style consultants will be happy to answer any question you may have.

5 Must-have Dress Shirts in Every Man’s Wardrobe

Men who have a discerning sense of dressing can go a long way to get wardrobe essentials such as suits, dress shirts, and accessories. In this post, our discussion primarily revolves around various types of dress shirts, their versatility, and aesthetic appeal. If you are looking to buy dress shirts to make a unique style statement as well as get value for your money, there is no better option than going bespoke. On that note, let’s take a look at this shirt lookbook comprising top five dress shirts essential for your wardrobe.

byDCLA- Dress Shirts

1. White Poplin/Pinpoint/Twill

A white dress shirt is like a lifelong friend that always sticks around to solve your dressing worries, especially when it comes to formal outings. These shirts go well with all types of suits and men’s accessories, regardless of their color or pattern. White Poplin is one of those “white pearls” that you will treasure to have in your wardrobe. These clean and crisp shirts don’t have a button-down collar. They are the perfect choice if you want to have a sharp yet elegant look.


An Oxford Cloth Button Down (OCBD) shirt is another must-have for style-conscious men. OCBD shirts are known for their class, versatility, and comfort. Talking about Oxford Cloth, this popular shirting fabric is a little thicker than “fine” dress shirt fabrics, durable, and naturally resistant to wrinkles. The fine fabric of  OCBD shirts makes them last long without them losing their sheen. The most common collar type in the case of Oxford Shirts is the button down collar; therefore the name ‘Oxford Cloth Button Down’.

3. French Cuff Dress Shirt

French cuff dress shirts compliment a business suit or tuxedo really well. These elegant, neatly woven shirts can enhance your style quotient. Dress shirts are usually made of woven fabric, have full-button front, and structured collars that provide enough space to wear a necktie. The width of French cuffs is twice as long as regular “barrel” cuffs, and they cover part of the hand when unfolded. The double cuffs in these dress shirts are fastened by cufflinks that fit through buttonholes on the cuffs.

4. Windowpane/Tattersall

The Windowpane check is a pattern that has similar patterns of a windowpane. Stripes that cross to form windowpane checks are thicker and farther from one another as compared to the patterns usually found in shirts with graph checks. Tattersall is a check pattern that comprises thin and evenly spaced stripes of alternating colors that are repeated horizontally as well as vertically. Both these patterns are great to wear to the workplace.

5. The Gingham

Gingham shirts come in a typical checkered pattern. You can differentiate these shirts by their white/colored and even-sized checks. Horizontal and vertical stripes, usually of the same color, form this pattern. These stripes cross each other on a white background to form even checks. Shirts with Gingham patterns make for a great summer look. Usually, blue and white are the most popular color choices in Gingham patterns.


Despite the fact that shirts are not a rare element in a man’s wardrobe, it’s an item that probably makes the biggest contribution to their overall look. Remember, the dress shirts we discussed in this post are no ordinary outfits; they have already developed a style legacy over the years. Now, it’s your turn. If you want to add high-quality and comfortable dress shirts to your wardrobe for the upcoming Spring/Summer season, you can give us a call at our toll-free number (844) 707-8084, and our style consultants will take it forward from there.

White Shirts: A Must-Have for Every Man’s Wardrobe

If there one thing in a that qualifies as a ‘classic’ piece of merchandise, it’d be the good old white shirt. It won’t be wrong to say that a man’s closet is incomplete without a white shirt, which is perhaps the reason why it has stood the test of time for decades, and why men spend their valuable time looking for white shirt look books. Whether you buy an off the rack or custom made white shirt ensure that you consider all the essential factors in order to choose the right kind of shirt. Perhaps, a little insight into this indispensable piece of clothing will help.

byDCLA White Shirts

Buying a Shirt that Fits Well

The fabric, cuff (French or barrel) and the collar (pointed or semi-spread) are some of the essential factors that you need to consider before you buy a white shirt, besides the fitting. White shirts are available in classic, slim and extra slim fit. When making your, make sure the shirt frames the chest, but is not so tight that the fabric gets stretched between the buttons. Choosing a shirt is more of a matter of what you’re comfortable in, rather than what the trends are asking you to wear. If, however, you seek the perfect fit, there’s another option.

Go for a Bespoke Shirt

Men are typically known to have a strong sense of self-awareness, but few know how to capture it in what they wear. For fashion-conscious men, bespoke shirts are an essential in the wardrobe. Bespoke shirts are considered as the ultimate sign of luxury, individualism, opulence and elegance. Off the rack clothes might have lower prices, but they can never match the fit and quality of a bespoke shirt. If you want to make a lasting impression and stand out from the clutter, going for a bespoke shirt is possibly the best way out.

Why Invest in a White Shirt?

For rather simple reasons – white shirts are timelessly elegant and go well with every type of attire! Moreover, you’ll never need to worry about color combinations with white shirts. A white shirt looks good with anything that you have, especially when you pair it with trousers and chinos in solid colors. Whether you pair it with a bright colored tie or a patterned sweater, a white shirt will give you perfectly coordinated look. The utility of white shirts is not limited to formal wear; you can combine a white shirt with a casual pair of jeans and you’re all set for a casual day out.  

So there you have it – those were some insights on the undisputed crown of men’s wear; the indispensable white shirt. Should you wish to learn more about bespoke shirts, feel free to connect with us. We’d love to hear from you!

Fashion Aficionados: Get these 5 Suits to Rock any Occasion

When your fashion life seems bland, think bespoke.

The reason we say this is because we know how proud you feel to own a bespoke suit, and the impact it leaves among its onlookers. Helping you achieve your professional best bespoke suits are no less than a clothing gadget that let you walk tall, and shower elegance and sophistication in an effortless manner. Naturally, the more of their colors and flavors your wardrobe has, the more compliments they help you receive by redefining your dressing sense. Today, we present five suits that are an all-time favorite for most fashion conscious men and help you rock any occasion with panache.

byDCLA-Bespoke Suits

The All-Season Navy Wool Suit

Acquiring this suit means having access to a fashion essential that is good to handle any occasion and weather. From rocking the summer evenings, to attending job interviews in the winter; go for a breathable wool and you are all set to go.  Navy is meant for men, and when you don a single-breasted navy bespoke, not many feline eyes can avoid looking at you.

The Double-Breasted Suit

The modern double-breasted bespoke no longer defines the boxy cuts. Its evolution has transformed it into a clothing that offers more on the trim, is less padded, and perfectly hugs your shoulders. The lapels are just wide enough to give your body an hourglass shape. If you love power dressing this is the suit for you. Now all you need is a professional tailor and the right accessories.  It says contemporary; “I pay attention to how i look?”

The Tuxedo

From your marriage ceremony to those glamorous dinner parties that often compel you to think about how to make a fine impression, a tux is your answer on many occasions throughout your life. Perhaps, you may agree with us on why they say it a solid investment. While a black tux is an all time favorite, we advise midnight blue if you are one of those who believe in delivering unique fashion statements.

The Grey Flannel Suit

Does it remind you of the 1956 movie The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit? Well, worry not, unlike Gregory Peck, you don’t have to choose between your business or family when donning this men’s essential. In fact, the contemporary gray flannels suits are much more refined, stylish, and rebellious. While a mid-gray color with a white shirt and a black knit gets you that nine-to-five look, a sweatshirt with this suit helps you cherish the weekends with much freedom.

The Spring-Summer Khaki Cotton Suit

This timeless aesthetic in a single-breasted style is your great friend, for good. A color that goes just right for the office, this crisp cotton suit is a marvelous choice to beat the warm weather without compromising a professional look. Match it with a short sleeve shirt, add some zing to your looks with a pair of white canvas sneakers, and there you are, ready to enjoy the weekends in style!

Note: To get that Italian look, avoid socks when wearing white sneakers with this suit.

Summing Up

Whether or not you have space in your closet, we are confident that your heart has ample space and desires for many more bespoke and made to measure suits. After all, a suit is the greatest investment to help you look your best, and define cool in a professional manner. It is owing to this very reason, that byDCLA only uses fabric selected from the finest mills in the world. Every tailored suit inside our tailoring company is crafted to perfection and has a unique flair customized to hug your body perfectly.

Professional Business Attire for Men: 3 Must-have Suit Styles

Every modern-day professional needs to be conscious about style quotient, as it always influences their professional image, which explains why it is worth looking for professional business attire for men. Untouched by seasonal trends, classic suits still serve as modern-day essentials and are perfect for every professional. Timeless, sophisticated, refined, classic suits are available in a wide variety, and therefore, many find it a challenge to make their picks. To help, in this post we discuss three must-have suit options in every professional’s wardrobe. Let’s delve deeper and learn a little more about the varied styles of classic suits and their suitability according to your body type.

Professional Business Attire for Men

British Suits: The Savile Row Style

Traditional British suits are immortalized by their iconic Savile Row style. These suits typically have two buttons, two vents, a pointed waist, and neat shoulder pads. The button is usually stitched near the waist, and this gives a sleek look to the jacket. The armholes are also higher than those in American style suits. The padded shoulders of these suits display a better shape as compared to their American alternatives. Trousers of British suits have a generous cut with a high waist and two or three pleats. They are much leaner in shape than American cut trousers. British Suits lend more contour to your body than other types of classic suits. Most men prefer this traditional styling considering their perfect fit. Perfect for men with medium built, British suits have influenced most modern business suit styles prominent in today’s fashion landscape.

American Suits: The Sack Style

American suits are no-nonsense professional business attire for men. Popularly known as “sack suits”, American suits are distinguished by a single vent in the back, straight lines, higher armhole, flap pockets, and natural unpadded shoulders. The jacket is usually single breasted with two or more buttons. Trousers are cut full and pleat-less. Modern American suits are cut close according to the shape of men’s body and also come with shoulder padding. The smaller padding and straighter cut makes the sack suit ideal for most men, as it creates a uniform body line. Loose cut is one of the key features of American suits. You may even go for a bespoke American style suit, if budget is not a constraint.

Italian Suits: The European Style

Modern Italian style suits are in vogue, for quite some time now. These European style suits are slim with a smooth, stylish, and ultra-modern silhouette. Complete with two vents, padded shoulders, lapel notches, and high placed buttons, the jackets of Italian suits are short in length and lean in fitting. Flapless pockets and V-shaped jackets make for an ideal professional business attire for men. Trousers of Italian suits are also lean-fit, which partially explains why Italian suits are the preferred choice among tall men. However, these suits are ideal for all body types.


Classic suits are truly perennial yet trendy, and the best part is that they never go out of fashion. If, therefore, you feel like giving an extra edge to your professional attire to enhance your style quotient, feel free to call our fashion consultants or fill out our simple “Contact Us” form. They would ensure that you don an elegant and perfect-fit suit that would meet your expectations on quality, value, and fit. Once you choose ByDCLA, rest assured you will never have to look for another men’s suit specialist, ever again.

Style Guide for men: Matching Suits and Ties

“A well-tied tie is the first serious step in life.” Oscar Wilde nailed it with the statement. The question is, are you justifying the beauty of this ensemble? Whether you want a business attire for men to get the professional look or choose a causal one for the evening tea party, styling for men isn’t limited to just wearing a well-tailored bespoke. The small knot around your neck — the tie — has the power to influence your look beyond you can even imagine. Your suit-tie combination reveals a lot about your priorities and aspirations. It is therefore necessary that you master some basic steps to play around fabrics , patterns and colors to suit every occasion. Through this article, we present a few basic rules to match suits and ties and their combinations. Once you master them, creating your own style becomes easy. Let’s begin.

Business Attire for Men

Basic Rules to Match Your Suit and Tie

Even if you have a perfect match for suit and tie, an uncoordinated shirt will become a spoilsport. So keep in mind the following rules:

  • Brown colored ties match light tan shirts.
  • Burgundy or navy colored ties match light pink shirts.
  • Navy, red, burgundy, or yellow colored ties, all, match blue shirts.
  • When wearing a tie with striped shirts, check the base color of the shirt, and apply the above rules.

The ‘Classic Power Suit and Tie’ Look

Wear a bold-colored tie with a dark, slightly printed or solid suit and get ready to rock a job interview or business trip to that life-changing meeting with this powerful combination. Though you may pull on any tie with a dark suit and white shirt, save a bright yellow polka dot one, a cut deep-red tie renders the most powerful look to your personality.

The ‘Summer Suit and Tie’ Look

Changing weathers demand a change in the fabric of your suits as well. Of course, you wouldn’t want to wear that same winter suit when the temperature is up a 50 more fahrenheits. So, make the move by investing in a solid, light colored cotton suit, and embrace a bright patterned tie with it, no matter the color is good only for summers.

The ‘Formal Suit and Tie’ Look

Though a black suit with a black tie is an easy, smart and quick way to get an unbeatable look, sometimes it could look like you’ve sacrificed a few flavors in the desire to become too formal. What to do? Get a black bow with some artsy lace. Don’t worry, there are hundreds of other choices available and getting your perfect piece won’t be too difficult.

The ‘Casual Suit and Tie’ Look

When going casual on weekends, yet maintaining the look with a suit, imagine colors lighter than what you wear on weekdays from 9 to 5. Don a suit with a lighter hue than your power suit, and a tie with a lighter tone than your favorite power tie. An ideal example here is to throw on a navy blue bespoke with a tie in wild patterns and colors.

Things to Remember

  • When unable to decide the color of the shirt to wear with a tie, choose white. White shirts blend with almost every pattern and tie color.
  • An uncoordinated shirt spoils the match of a suit and a tie.


The right suit and tie combination is the way to project your personality, and deliver your unique fashion statement, so no matter your business attire or that ensemble for your ring ceremony. Learning the rules helps you stay confident, as you know you are on the right track. Let not these rules, however, become a fetter. Loosen a bit when you’ve mastered the basics, and come with your own styles, for that justifies the word ‘fashion’.

Custom Made Suits: Choosing The Right Fabric Made Simple

There’s no point in shelling out your money on a custom-made suit if you’re not a completely satisfied with the final product. A custom-made suit needs to have a perfect blend of comfort, style, and fit. If there’s a common denomination that factors into all the attributes of a custom made suit, it’s the fabric. Some men find it difficult when it comes to choosing a suitable fabric for a suit. If you too find it difficult to choose a fabric for your suit, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a guide to help you choose the right fabric for your custom-made suit.

byDCLA- Custom Made Suits


Cashmere, of course, is best known for being incredibly soft and super posh. It is also quite delicate, incredibly expensive, and therefore, it is certainly not something you can wear every day. You don’t want to see this incredibly expensive fabric ruined, on account of something as silly as overuse. Wear the expensive cashmere suit for a one odd party night when you want to let everyone know that you’re a man with a taste for the finer things in life. What is more appropriate and versatile is wearing a cashmere blended suit. The kind we carry by Charles Clayton Super 180’s + Cashmere, from Yorkshire, “the heart of the wool industry in England”. Here you get the best of both worlds – the luxuriousness of very fine cashmere blended with the exclusivity of a “super fine” Super 180’s fabric. This fabric while lovely will wear wonderfully.


Wool is another fabric that you can go to when your choices are unclear. It is the safest fabric when it comes to custom suits. With its natural nature, wool allows the skin to breathe and that’s why you can wear a wool suit, even if it is not particularly chilly outside, despite the warmth wool lends. However, if you live in a hot region or if it’s in the middle of summer; it is better to avoid woolen suits. Go for a wool suit when you want to blend into the crowd when the mercury is low.


Next in line in the series of popular fabrics, is cotton. Being a natural fabric, cotton lets your skin breathe easy. It won’t be wrong to say that cotton is the summer counterpart of wool. While you may wear cotton suits more often than cashmere, it may start to wear out sooner than you expected if you don’t get it stitched from a reliable Los Angeles custom suit maker. Cotton suits are perfect for casual summer outdoor gatherings.


We’ve paired these together because both Velvet and Silk are luxe fabrics. Both are a symbol of status and commonly used in fine European clothing. A silk or a velvet custom-made suit will definitely turn heads at any event without screaming for attention. Go for a silk or velvet suit whenever you want to leave a lasting impression while attending a special event.


Polyester is inexpensive compared to the other fabrics we have discussed. Custom-made polyester suits are preferred by men who need an affordable option and an opportunity to make their personal style inputs count. Go for a polyester suit for a casual occasion, especially if you’re a young adult.

Common Fabrics Blends for Suits

100% pure fabric is not the only option. Here are the 3 most common suit fabric blends that are equally stylish:

  • Cashmere and Wool
  • Cotton and Lycra
  • Silk and cotton/wool

Fabric may be the most important part of a suit, but it’s certainly not the only one. If you ever decide to pamper yourself with a custom-made suit, ensure that you select the right fabric and the right suit maker. If you wish to learn more about the fabric options for custom made suits, feel free to connect with one of our representatives.

A Guide to Build an Italian Wardrobe from Scratch

We can’t deny the fact that Italian men have a somewhat superior hold on fashion. Credit it to their heritage of brilliant designers such as Giorgio Armani, Rene Caovilla, Marco Coretti, Angelo Litrico, or their innate desire to stand out in a crowd. It won’t be wrong to say that even the most basic Italian wardrobe essentials reek of class. Speaking of wardrobes,at some point you may have looked at yours and wished it was a little more Italian, and a little less all over the place. Guess what, even you can build one from the scratch! Let’s see how.

byDCLA- Italian Wardrobe

First, Some Basics

Italians are conscientious about how they dress, right from the start. Even the kids in Italy wear tailor-made shirts. Italian fashion is both flashy and supple at the same time. The trick is to embrace all colors and pay heed to accessories. Make sure you’re also wary of the cut, stitch, and quality of the fabric being used. Let’s delve a little deeper.

Typical Italian Cut: Lean

There’s no room for baggy clothes, even if it is an oversized dinner jacket in an basic Italian wardrobe. It is important to buy clothes that fit you well. So when it comes to picking out jeans, shirts or even suits, you need to take the help of a custom tailor unless you’re up for sparing more than a few hours on shopping.

Play with Colors

Italians love to have a colorful wardrobe but that does not mean you need to include loud flashy tones-such as orange or pink-in your wardrobe. You need to be open to the idea of introducing and experimenting with the oddest of colors in subtle ways to master the art of dressing like a pro.

Master Pocket Squaring

Pocket squares may be regarded as the ultimate sign of sophistication when it comes to fashion. If you’ve ever sported pocket squares, you’ve probably limited your detail for attention to folding and fine tuning. If you are planning to go the Italian way, you need to start paying attention to the color schemes also, as the color borders, polka dots, and patterns.

Accessories: Be Tasteful

A lot of people believe that Italian men’s fashion is all about guzzling yourself in different types of accessories from head to toe, which is simply untrue. The reality is, “less is more”, especially when it comes to Italian fashion. For instance, if you’re wearing a watch and a tie clip, avoid wearing a bracelet or a flashy belt buckle. There’s no harm in stocking the other things we mentioned, as long as you use them in a tasteful manner. Additional Tip: Italians go for high end branded leather accessories.


Don’t blindly follow every fashion trend that you come across. While changing your wardrobe ensure that you follow the Italian fashion basics to make a lasting impression. Should you wish to learn more about the clothing and accessories you need to master an Italian wardrobe, feel free to speak with one of our style consultants.