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Wearing the Blue Suit? Here’s How to Make the Move Right


Blue Bespoke Suit

Pick up any 2016 suit lookbook, and you’d instantly realize why they say blue is timeless. Blue suits have always been highly popular in the realm of men’s clothing. In fact, it wouldn’t be incorrect to say that a blue bespoke crafted from a high-quality worsted wool, such as Loro Piana, is the killer most sartorial weapon any man can have in his wardrobe. However, with a wide spectrum of choices – ranging from bright Napoli blues to darker midnight blues – how to don the color becomes a question to which many people don’t get the answer easily. To help, we have created this brief guide focusing on four key elements that can make or break the look.

1. Lapels

Although wearing the blue sharkskin in itself is a level up in elegance, there’s always more when it comes to tuning the attire to complement your personality. One of the ways is embracing wide lapels that make you look more masculine. To match the extra width of the collars, wear a tie with a reasonably thick knot, and by “reasonably thick”, we do not mean “fat”. As far as the collar on the dress shirt is concerned, keep it broad if you have a long neck, as it would blend well with the size and width of the lapels.

2. Shirt

Almost all colored shirts look good under a blue suit; however, there’s something unique about a white shirt that undeniably makes it the first choice for most men. If, however, you think a white shirt is too common a sartorial option, a lighter shade of pink or blue will also work. These shirts, just like a white shirt, allow your suits’ color to pop by creating a little contrast. If you go for a suit that is shorter in the legs and body, a polo shirt with sneakers can provide cool Summer look.

3. Tie

Blue suit wearers have infinite options, when it comes to matching a tie with it. From black and navy to red, greens and burgundy, almost every option can go well with a blue suit. If you don’t believe us, pick up any of the Loro Piana suit lookbooks and check the tie options with a blue suit. As a tip, we would recommend trying some patterns, instead of plain ties. A square knit or seersucker necktie, for instance, can make you look sharper and add punch to your blue suit.

4. Shoes

Both black and brown shoes are acceptable with a blue suit. Although there is no dearth of synthetic options, leather shoes are your best bet when it comes to complimenting the look of this clothing, especially if your suit is made of a high-quality fabric such as Loro Piana. If you wish to add some more depth to the overall look, you can go for leather scotch grain or pebbled leather shoes. Lace ups or loafers also work fine.

You’re Almost There

This was about how to correctly embrace your blue suit. When it comes to crafting this versatile clothing, there are still two more steps you can take to ensure you get the best of your blue. The first is to choose a high-quality worsted yarn such as Loro Piana, which makes your suit an all-season attire. The second is to select an experienced tailor who knows the art and has the experience to create a true bespoke suit that matches your body to perfection. byDCLA can help you with both these prerequisites and ensure that your bespoke investment is worth every cent. Give us a call at (844) 707-8084, and we’ll take it from there.


The Modern Double Breasted Suit: A Close Look

Modern Double Breasted Suit

Whether we think of David Oyelowo, Eddie Redmayne, or Tom Hiddleston, we can always recall each of these celebrities sporting a double-breasted or DB suit. Interestingly, the occasions they have lighted with their powerful suits have ranged from fashion weeks to summer film festivals. About, why do they go for DB, when there are other varieties such as the single-breasted and the tuxedo? The answer is, DB suit lends them an extra ounce of elegance, while preserving their masculinity and classy looks. These suits are a sartorial weapon men can use to make an imposing style statement. On that note, let’s take a closer look at the modern DB suit and why most men consider it a must-have apparel in their wardrobe.

The Modern DB Fitting

Unlike the traditional DB, its current version no more has either of the extra wide lapels or a loose drape. It replaces the boxy silhouette with a trim silhouette, making it gracefully contour to the body, and occupy less space in your wardrobe. The modern DB doesn’t have any extra bulks on the shoulder but welcomes higher armholes and trimmer sleeves. The older DB pants had pleats and cuffs, which naturally resulted in the crafting of heavy suits to match them. As the modern DB is slimmer and trimmer, however, its pants sans cuffs and pleats are not an uncommon sight.

Key Elements and Benefits

  •  Trimmer sleeves, higher armholes - Dress clean and sharper
  •  Wide peak lapels - Give the illusion of a taller look and wider chest
  •  Slender fit - Procure a modern silhouette
  •  Short length - Get an elongated look

Learning the Button Rules

The modern DB suit has two buttoning styles:

6*2 Buttoning

The 6*2 button styling has six buttons, but only two of them are meant for fastening. It is the most common button fittings found in DB suits and we recommend the same if you are ordering your first DB. Wearing the DB with this button requires fastening the middle button. The bottom button is left undone.

4*2 Buttoning

The 4*2 button is again a prominent DB button configuration that many people use. Similar to the 6*2 button styling, you can fasten only two buttons at a time. The rule is to fasten the inside or the anchor button, along with the top button of the suit.

Note: Fasten the anchor button all the time, whether sitting or standing.

A Word of Advice

While the above elements give you a closer perspective of the modern DB and its styling, an experienced custom suit tailor in Los Angeles would be able to present a comprehensive breakdown of all its elements, especially how it differs from the traditional DB. In addition, a professional custom suit tailor can help craft a DB suit that hides any nuances of the body and perfectly matches its wearer. Should you wish to learn more about the modern DB or how we can help you get this outstanding clothing in your wardrobe, contact us today.


5 Stylish Suits that Rocked the Oscars 2016

Men's Stylish Suit

Every year the Oscars bring with it a unique aura of glam and glitter, with men in their favorite made to measure and bespoke suits. The 88th Annual Academy Awards held at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, Los Angeles, brought the same spirit, with legendary actors walking over the red carpet, but with a distinctive panache. In this brief post, we present a list of five stylish celebs that rocked the Oscars 2016 occasion with their premium suits, starting with a long-oscar-deserving actor who was finally recognized by the jury in this year’s event.

1. Leonardo Di Caprio

It wasn’t just Leo’s overwhelming speech about global warming and the words, “Let us not take this planet for granted, I do not take this night for granted”, but also the Armani made-to-measure and nitid Christian Louboutin shoes that made him look the man of the day. The elegant black suit helped him perfect his presence over the red carpet and steal the style crown.

2. Tom Hardy

When Leo didn’t forget to mention Tom during the Oscars, how can we dare not include his name in this list. Though, we mention the English actor, screenwriter, and producer for a different purpose, his three piece Gucci suit with a black bow. The coolest part, however, were the matching black sunglasses he wore, which most couldn’t just stop looking at during the occasion.

3. Eddie Redmayne

Nominated for the Best Actor for the second year in a row, Eddie walked the red carpet with his pregnant wife Hannah Bagshawe in a black tux. The velvet suit looked graciously well over him and matched Hannah’s dress.

4. Jacob Tremblay

The Vancouver born Canadian actor was looking no less than any of the best-dressed men present at the Oscars. The boy-actor, who gave a breakout performance in the 2015 movie Room pulled off an impressive Armani to give a tough competition to the adult actors. What was most august about his dressing, however, were the Millenium Falcon cufflinks and Darth Vader socks that made him look extra cool.

5. And, Chris Rock

Having got the opportunity to host the Oscars for the second time–the first during the 77th Academy Awards–Christopher Julius aka Chris Rock made the stage more vibrant with the selection of his Burberry white jacket. The American actor, comedian, and voice artist, who shot to prominence with the movies Down to Earth (2011) and Head of State (2003), complemented his suit with a black pant and like Leonardo donned a pair of black Louboutin shoes.


Whether it’s the famous brands such as Gucci or Armani, custom suit clothing makes you look the best in your skin. If you value comfort and perfection over money when it comes to selecting suits, then a bespoke is what you need. byDCLA, with skilled bespoke tailors with an eye-for-detail, is your sought-after shop for the most elegant and sophisticated bespoke suits in Los Angeles. Our fabrics, procured from the best mills over the world, and craftsmanship make it possible to create suits of unmatchable style. Call us toll-free today @ (844) 707-8084 or fill out this form to speak with one of our fashion consultants.




4 Power Dressing Essentials for The Modern Working Man

Bespoke Suits for Men

Gone are the days when power dressing was limited to the corporate honchos attending international conferences, travelling business class, playing golf with their associates, or do anything that required them to dress sharp. These days, an increasing number of working class heroes are realizing how essential it is to dress well and look suave, if they want to climb the corporate ladder. A well-dressed professional exudes the confidence that an employer looks for in their employees, and what the client expects from the ones representing the company with which they do business. Continuing on the lines of the subject, let us take a look at some power dressing essentials for the modern working man.

Bespoke Suits

A bespoke suit is the ultimate attire that you must wear when you want to look your corporate best. To give you that ultimate fit and the experience of a true bespoke, at ByDCLA we take 36 measurements that ensure every single detail is taken into account. Starting from scratch a bespoke tailor takes care of each and every aspect of a bespoke suit, be it something as important as the fabric or be it the minutest of details such as the button hole or the trouser cuff that may seem insignificant to some.

Solid Shirts

A solid shirt is the foundation of a man’s business outfit. If not, you must have at least a dozen solid shirts in your wardrobe that you can team up with a bespoke suit or simply wear them with a smart trouser. Usually men like to go with solid whites, however, there are other colors also. For example – light blue, french blue, off-white, lavender and more. One quick tip – subdued solid colors are great for office wear, however, avoid dark colors should strictly be avoided as it looks casual on the wearer.

Luxury Timepieces

A watch reflects the personal style of its wearer, and therefore, it’s important to wear the right watch for the right occasion. While there are a thousand brands that you may drool over, let us stick to what goes best with a bespoke suit or any other formal outfit that you wear to work. Some of the major brands that you may choose from includes Rolex, Ferrari, Boss, Casio, Longines and more


Like a wise man once said, “a perfect outfit is incomplete without the perfect shoes” If you want to accentuate your office-going look, the low-heeled brogue is a perfect choice of shoes that you can team up with your formal outfit. In fact, there was a time when brogues were not considered appropriate for social or business occasions. However, as time passed not only the acceptance of use of these shoes for business purposes increased, but they also became one of the most recommended shoe types to be worn with power suits.  

Last Few Words

Not having a uniform or a specific dress code to work may be a headache, especially for the ones who find it a tedious task to choose what to wear to work, every day. However, what they do not realize is that not having a uniform or a dress code is a boon for them as it allows them to showcase their individual style. One must take advantage of this opportunity and use it to ‘dress to impress’ and stand out among the rest at their workplace. Should you wish to learn more about your options, feel free to speak with one of our style consultants.

A Definitive Guide to Dressing Like an Italian Man

Italian Made Suits

When it comes to fashion, Italian men are considered to be the perfect sartorial measuring sticks. They not only know their fashion but are also acquainted with the ways to carry them to the best of their abilities. It, therefore, comes as no surprise that Italian men are fond of fit, cut and the subtle way of accessorizing with high-quality fabrics. Naturally, most men from the rest of the world would like to dress like Italian men. To help them in this endeavor we have compiled a comprehensive guide to dressing like an Italian man. Now all they need is to learn and follow.

Make Friends with Chino and Linen Suiting

Most Italians like to live a relaxed lifestyle, and their choice of clothes don’t beg to differ. British style, on the other hand, is much more conservative and therefore, they would rather like to look sharp all the time. This contrast in sartorial choices explains why, unlike traditional British tailoring, linen and cotton jackets are such a significant part of an Italian style. Their way of dressing help to make an attractively relaxed impression on people around them.

Learn to Embrace Color

In the world of fashion, there is no right combination of colors but your ability to carry them without breaking a sweat. You can learn to inject color to your outfit in small doses if you are not a lover of flashy colors. For instance, an orange belt with a white shirt or purple driving loafers matching with khakis and a navy blazer will spontaneously elevate your look. But if you’ve got a daring spirit, go ahead and try those white jeans with a pink blazer.

Find a Tailor who can Execute a “Shivering-Break”

The lesson here is to find an experienced and skilled tailor to have your Italian wardrobe essentials altered to fit.  Whether they are Italian made suits or other wardrobe essentials for men, you need to spend ample time with your tailor so that the pants will sit at exactly the right height with the shoes. The trousers should just kiss the wearer’s shoes while exhibiting a perfect “shivering break” – when the hem of the trouser meets the shoes’ vamps without rumpling.

Develop Your Personal Style

Quirks express individuality and therefore, even if you may like somebody’s way to sporting an outfit, it is difficult to replicate it in a similar fashion. Moreover, you should always have your definite style statement so that people remember you for original traits.  You may also take pointers from classic style ideas such as turning back of shirt cuffs over the jacket’s sleeves, with the lengths of the shirt and suit corresponding amicably or unbuttoning a few of the cuff buttons from your jacket, giving the impression that your clothes are bespoke. The only thing you should keep in mind is not to cross the thin line between individual quirks and absurd styling.

Add a Work-Wear to Look Cool

In general, Italian men are too smart for a complete workwear or traditional looks as we know it. They have a knack of introducing elements of it into a coherent outfit. For instance,  they may combine some crisp white chinos, a Wabash fabric waistcoat, a gingham button-down shirt and a US Marines overshirt. This outfit can then further be distinguished by a crocodile belt buckle. The style will be appealing without being attention-seeking at the same time.


No matter wherever you live, you can always take a few style pointers from the world’s most stylish men – the Italian men. To add a pinch of Italian swagger to your personal style, you need a mix of small adjustments such as sleeve lengths to sizeable adjustments such as color and fabric. You can always visit our stylists at to help you choose apparels that are your perfect match. To schedule a visit with our stylists fill out our free estimate form and we will get back to you shortly.


5 Distinctions Exclusive to Bespoke Shirts

Bespoke Shirts for Men

Although bespoke shirts, whether you get them from Los Angeles or elsewhere, cost more than off-the-rack and made-to-measure shirts, they are a hallmark of quality and workmanship. It wouldn’t be incorrect to say that almost every fashion enthusiast prefers custom shirts over typical market offerings. The question is: what makes a bespoke shirt better? Though the answer is difficult to frame in words, as the difference can only be experienced; still, if we are to explain it, we’d say it’s acute attention to even the minutest detail that makes a true bespoke shirt. Through this blog post, we explore five such details. Let’s take a look.

1. Fabric

In the world of clothing, especially suits and shirts, the higher the yarn count, the better is the quality of the fabric. That’s a good-to-know information as those who go bespoke get to choose their own fabric – a freedom that allows them to get a shirt that complements their taste to perfection. The choice extends to everything from the color and pattern of the fabric, to its weight and texture.

2. Cuffs

If you’ve ever noticed, not every cuff of a bespoke shirt, or for that matter any shirt, is the same. When you order a bespoke shirt, you get to choose the cuffs you want on your shirt. So, whether you want single or French cuffs; the mafioso style or the aggressive full-inch exposed cuffs, the choice is always yours. In fact, you can also specify the length of the cuff you wish to show, when you wear a jacket over your bespoke shirt.

3. Collar

Collar, the most noticeable element of a shirt, plays a large role in framing your face. Similar to choosing the cuffs, you have complete control when it comes to choosing the collar of your bespoke shirt. Ideally, people with a broad or long face should choose long and narrow collars. If, however, you have a round face, it is advisable to go for pointed collars. Collars, with narrow lines, look good on people with a short stature.

4. Yoke

The yoke of any shirt is the part that connects the back and the front of the shirt together. Simply put, just like the padding in a suit, the yoke in a shirt supports its other parts. The major difference between an off-the-rack or an MTM and bespoke shirt is the number of yokes they have. Depending on your choice, a bespoke shirt may have anything between two to four yokes, which help create a shirt that naturally drops on your shoulder.

5. Shirt Body

It isn’t a surprise to see that most custom shirts, whether you get them from a tailoring store in Los Angeles or elsewhere, go for a minimum of seven buttons. The reason is; bespoke shirts are cut full in the body and designed to extend 8 to 9 inches below the top of the trousers. This type of fitting allows for more space for torso movement, and therefore, bespoke shirts are much more comfortable than off-the-rack options.

Final Words

Whether it’s the traditional style shirt that the debonair dreamer Cary Grant used to wear in his days, or a modern slim fit similar to the ones sported by Neal Caffrey on his TV show White Collar, going bespoke can get you that shirt you’ve always wanted. It is, however, crucial to choose a bespoke tailor who understands the precision and detailing that goes into crafting a realbespoke shirt. byDCLA, with a team of sartorial experts, can create the finest bespoke shirts and suits for all body types. In addition to extensive experience, our high-quality fabrics and impeccable workmanship make us one of the leading bespoke boutiques in Los Angeles.

To learn more, feel free to reach us at (844) 707-8084.

Suit-up to Step Out in Style: 4 Focus Areas to Get It Right

Custom Made Suits in Los Angeles

Custom made suits have long been an essential part of the male wardrobe. Donning a custom fit suit ups the style quotient of the wearer, by making their shoulders look broader and waist trimmer, thereby giving them a dapper look. If you too love to suit-up in a custom fit suit for men, remember that intricate designing and contemporary styling is the key to rock a clean and stylish look. The blog post throws more light on the subject, by talking about some rules you should follow while ordering a custom made suit. Let’s take a look.

1. Shoulders

“Looks shabby” is the first thought that crosses your mind, when you spot a guy wearing a loosely hung jacket, with the seams sagging way beyond the body line. You definitely don’t want to be that person, and therefore, must ensure that the shoulders are neither too tight nor too loose. Remember, the shoulders and the waistline define your look and reworking on them can ruin the suit. You won’t want a suit that does not compliment your body type, so be very careful while passing instructions to your tailor on how they should design the shoulders.

2. Sleeves

Have you ever worn a suit with overlong sleeves to a party or a social gathering? If yes, then you’d know why we’re taking up this point. Sleeves that extend beyond your wrist make it seem you’re donning an oversized apparel. For a clean look, ensure that the jacket sleeve ends at least a quarter inch before the shirt’s sleeves. Even if you falter on this front, you can ask your tailor to trim from the cuff up, and then move them, in case the cuff buttons aren’t functional. In such cases, your tailor can take the sleeves up from the shoulders to provide you with an alternative solution.

3. Collar Gap

Ever wondered why your boss or your love interest keeps on passing you by without taking any note even when you turn-up wearing the best suit from your wardrobe? Well, it can be something that is not easily visible to you – like an improperly fitted lapels of your suit jacket that leaves a gap between their brim and the shirt’s collar. So, the next time you visit your tailor to order a custom fit suit for men, make sure your tailor measures your neck’s circumference accurately, to maintain the proper gap between the collar of the shirt and the jacket’s lapels.

4. Jacket’s Waist

When it comes to dressing, for most people, comfort is the key factor. Be it a casual outfit such as a pair of jeans or a formal and sophisticated clothing such as a custom made suit, comfort should never take a backseat. Make sure that the waist of your suit’s jacket provides enough breathing room, but at the same time, it must not slack. To get the perfect fit, ask your tailor to leave a proper gap between the jacket and the shirt – of course you don’t want to keep adjusting your suit continuously and gather any unwanted attention.

Last Few Words

So these were some of tips you can use while ordering your custom made suits. You will, however, benefit from these tips only if you team-up with an experienced tailor who can also advise you on suitable styling options according to your body type and personality. If you’re in Los Angeles; we, at byDCLA, are the people you’re looking for. We’re a reputable designer of custom made suits in Los Angeles, with proven competence in crafting premium men’s bespoke suits. Call us today to rev up your style quotient. We bet you’ll get addicted to the admiration and adulation that you get when you step out donning one of our masterpieces.

Choosing a Suit Cut that Complements Your Persona

Bespoke Men’s Clothing

What makes a man look his best? This is an age-old question to which different people have different takes; while some people can’t get enough of bespoke men’s clothing, many settle for off-the-shelf options. Though we don’t intend to dwell on the human qualities that comprise a good male character, our focus in this brief is on the aesthetics aspect. We look at some of the most popular suit options that every man can carry to put their best foot forward. Let’s start.

American Suit Cut

A suit cut got popularized by college students of Ivy League during the 19th and early 20th century. The suit style characterized by its bagginess, was adapted by established clothiers like J. Press and Brook Brothers as they were pretty convinced about its sell-ability. They, therefore, set their production machinery rolling in full swing. Some of the striking features of an American suit cut are its higher armholes, single-breasted with two or three holes, flap pockets, and natural shoulders that are not padded.

Italian Suit Cut

A cut known for its trendiness, the Italian suit cut is exactly the opposite of an American suit cut. Though traditionally it didn’t have any vents, they have since adopted them. These suits are shorter, with tight-fitting and padded shoulders. The pockets of an Italian suit are flapless, and the suits have a pronounced V shape for a tall, small look. The Italian style can further be divided into Neapolitan, Roman, and Milanese styles. Some of the most credible names associated with and accredited for the rise of the Italian suit cut style are Brioni and Giorgio Armani.

British Suit Cut

Also known as the British Traditional, the suit cut originated in Savile Row, a street in Mayfair, London, famous for its traditional bespoke tailoring for men. The suit cut style lies somewhere between Italian and American suit cut styles and is ideal for men with an average built, as the suits are not too boxy or slim. A typical British cut suit has two vents, and two buttons with slim shoulder pads. The jacket appears longer because of its armholes that are higher than the American style and the buttons fastened to its tapered waist.

The Final Word of Advice

Inferior quality and lack of attention to details are some of the issues that make mass manufactured ready-to-wear suits a poor choice. If you are looking for a suit that has been cut, sewn and handcrafted to fit you exclusively, opt for a bespoke suit. If you have any questions or wish to learn more, feel free to connect with our style consultants.

Thinking Bespoke Clothing? Know Your Body Type

Ask any man whether they know their body type and the best fashion options, and you will be amazed at some of the answers you’d get. Most men believe that all the hullabaloo about marrying your body type to your sense of fashion is feminine stuff. This archaic mentality negates the reality that everybody wants to look good today and the only way to achieve that feat is knowing your body type and buying apparel that does it justice. One only needs to look at the phenomenal rise in the popularity of bespoke apparel to confirm this reality. Bespoke shirts and suits are now the in-thing and many men are now fashion conscious and aware of the impact dressing has in everyday life. In this post, we explore men’s three common body types and the perfect dressing style for each of them.

Bespoke Shirts and Suits

Ectomorph: Mr. Skinny

Ectomorphs are typical skinny guys with a thin build, lean muscles, and small joints. They usually have longer and thinner limbs with lean muscles and thin shoulders with little width. Some of the traits ectomorphs have in common are:

  • Thin
  • Flat chest
  • Small shoulder
  • Hard to gain weight
  • Small “delicate” frame and bone structure
  • Lean muscle mass
  • Fast metabolism
  • Classic “hard gainer”

If you fall into this category, the challenge is to wear something that adds bulk to your body. Avoid clothes that make you look thin. Instead, wear clothes such as suits or jackets with padded shoulders that give your shoulders a bulky look and create the illusion of broader shoulders and a fuller chest.

Mesomorph: Mr. Muscle

Mesomorphs are naturally strong and have an athletic physique with large muscles and bone structure. Their shoulders are wider than their hips, and they may have a small waist, blessing them with a natural V-shaped body. Mesomorphs tend to gain and lose weight easily. Some of the typical traits of a Mesomorph include.

  • Strong
  • Athletic
  • Rectangular shaped body
  • Well defined muscles
  • Gains muscles easily
  • Gains fat more easily than ectomorphs
  • Hard body

Mesomorphs should wear straight or wide-legged trousers, and shirts and jackets that hug their waist and are wider at the shoulders. They may also wear hip or mid-thigh length jackets. Usually, dark colors and tones work better for them. The only thing that they must avoid is baggy clothing.

Endomorph: Mr. Soft

Endomorphs have a solid and soft body with very little to no indentation at the waist. They have a shorter build with thick legs and arms. Their muscles, especially the upper legs, are strong which is the reason they find it easy to do leg exercises such as squats. Endomorphs tend to gain weight easily but lose it as fast, and therefore, need to be very careful about their eating habits. Some of the typical traits of an Endomorph include.

  • Short
  • Round physique
  • Soft and round body
  • Gains muscle and fat very easily
  • “Stocky” build
  • Slow metabolism
  • Finds it hard to lose fat
  • Muscles not so well defined

Endomorphs must wear simple shirts and jackets styles that de-emphasize their top-heavy figure.  They must embrace clothing such as shoulder padded and double breasted jackets that draw attention towards their shoulders, distracting it away from the center of the torso. The trousers they wear must be trimmed, not tight. Lastly, they must avoid wearing contrasting bold colors and rather, wear a single color or tones of a single color family.


There is nothing as flattering or comfortable as wearing something that perfectly fits your body. This is the reason it all boils down to fitting and fabric. If you are one of those meticulous men who pay attention to every little aspect of the way they dress up, then get in touch with our in-house style expert today for the best bespoke suits and shirts in Los Angeles, and other jurisdictions.

7 Tips to Make Bespoke Suits Withstand the Test of Time

Although bespoke suits, unlike made-to-measure suits, are on the higher side in terms of cost, the flamboyant confidence they lend to their wearer is matchless. Investing in some quality bespoke suits is a smart choice, however, you also need to learn to take their proper care. The reason is simple – even if the suits are made of high quality material to endure long working hours, the fabric will stretch, tear, or split overtime. By taking some precautionary measures while handling your customized clothing, you help them last longer. Let’s take a look.

Made to Measure Suits in Los Angeles

1. Keep Alternatives

Sporting one suit frequently not only reduces its lifespan, but also diminishes the sheen of the fabric. Give your suit at least a day off after wearing it once. Have at least 4-5 extra pair of suits that you can rotate during the week. The same technique applies to shirts, shoes, and ties. By keeping alternatives, you wear one suit less frequently and also have different styles for different days.

2. Avoid Heavy Items in Pockets

The inner pockets on a suit are not there to burden them with heavy objects. Inner pockets are made of thin and delicate fabric and by putting heavy items in them, for example Car keys, you run the risk of stretching the fabric. Putting heavy objects in outer pockets, on the other hand, diminishes the sartorial appeal of the suit, and the beauty of a tailored silhouette is lost.

3. Dry Clean Sparingly

To prolong the life of your bespoke suits, it is advisable to dry clean them not more than twice a year. Though dry cleaning gives a clear wash, the chemical used in it are hard on the fabric and shortens the lifespan of your suits. Therefore, unless you spot some accidental stains on them, which must be removed immediately, use a soft brush to remove light stains.

4. Use a High Quality Brush

When you invest in bespoke suits, make sure to purchase a quality clothes brush. Clean your suit at least once a week to keep it stain free and fresh in-between professional cleanings. A lint roll or a well-made clothes brush with firm bristles effectively cleans unwanted hair, threads, and dirt from suit and therefore, is a recommended item for bespoke suit enthusiasts.

5. Hang Your Suits on Wooden Hangers Only

Never hang your bespoke suits on a wire hanger; instead hang them on thick wooden hangers so that the fabric has enough room to breathe after use. Wire hangers usually leave indentations on trouser legs, damage the shape of the shoulders of your suit jacket, and can even fade the color of the fabric suspended from the hanger.

6. Ensure Enough Space in the Closet

Make sure when you hang your suit in the closet it is not squeezed between other items in your closet. Squeezing and somehow adjusting your suit in the closet would only make matters worse as  you will end up using a crushed suit the next day when you have to grab onto your clothes real quick.

7. Invest in Suit-friendly Travel Bags

When travelling, you must ensure the packing allows your suit fabric to breathe properly. Be wary of plastic or canvas bags as they don’t offer much room for fabric to breathe, instead invest in some suit-friendly carry bags that protect it from mould and moths so that you can also use them for hanging suits inside the closet.

The Bottom Line

No doubt, investing in a bespoke clothing pays off in the long run, but that doesn’t mean it is going to last forever. Bespoke suits or bespoke shirts add glamour to your personality, if you pay attention to keep their packing and handling needs in order. Hope this guide helps you enhance the lifespan of your bespoke clothing so that you get more for your valuable investment. If you wish to learn more about bespoke suits, feel free to call our stylists at (844) 707-8084.